[H] <Memories> HC 6hr/wk10m LF RDPS+ Heal

<Memories> of Zul'jin is now recruiting for a brand new 10-man raid group. The majority of our members are ex-hardcore raiders and finishing H-DS at US 56th 25m or of similar experience in previous tiers. As life goes on, committing to 4-5 day, 4-5 hour raid schedules become almost unrealistic. Rather than finish content in a month and spend the next 5 months farming it, we look to finish the tier at a reasonable pace. Not to say that we do not push performance, we are simply spreading raid time across the tier, rather than cramming that effort into the first few weeks of a tier. We do expect nothing less than to finish every tier of content while relevant.

Because the raid schedule is extremely limited, we do expect maximum efficiency, minimizing time between wipes, having no breaks (2 hours without a break is not unreasonable), and coming prepared (pots, flasks, food, not feasts) and on time. We also expect no less than 95% attendance for the same reason. We expect to keep an extremely tight raid roster, with as balanced a rotation of raiders as possible.

Our raid times are currently set at:
Days: Wed, Thurs, and Mon
Times: 9:00pm -11:00pm

At this time we are looking for: (Core Spots) (Classes in order of preference)

Tanks: -----
Melee: Rogue>Warrior>Monk>>Death Knight>Druid>Enh Sham
Ranged: Hunter>Mage>Lock>Boomkin>Ele Sham>Spriest
Healers: Paladin>Shaman>Monk

Current Progression: We have recently started raiding despite open roster spots. Through the use of pugs we have cleared MSV 6/6 in one night since starting. We will begin HoF now that some spots have been filled.

Applications and more information can be found here:

If interested, or if you have questions, please contact me, the GM by adding me via battletag:
Please apply on the website if interested. Thanks!
I liked Ednatar better, especially since you botched naming yourself 3 times now on this DK.
Still Recruiting
Still Still
Still looking for ranged DPS and 1 heals.
Bump for Dranid and his great rack...
I think a guild can be hardcore and 6 hours per week. I dont think a guild HAS to raid 20 hour raid weeks to be considered hardcore. I guess in saying hardcore I'm more or less referring to the skill level and how we use our time.
Now also looking for 1 melee DPS, preferably Rogue or Warrior.
We got chocolate milk and oreos up in hurr

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