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11/13/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Finally, as Zarhym mentioned elsewhere. We are paying attention and want to do better in the future. We're not in a position to completely re-work the way players interact with dailies on-the-fly, right-this-second. That expectation is unrealistic. We are always interested in learning better ways to approach these design challenges and make fun and compelling content, though

I think what most of us that hate the daily structure are asking for is for the dailys to feel less grindy. There's two ways to do that, imo. Make them easier so they can be completed faster. Or make them more rewarding. The only reason I do the dailys is for the rep, so that I can get better access to gear. The valor points are an added little perk, but not worth much compared to what comes from dungeons. The charms are, in my opinion, worthless. The gold doesn't matter much to me either. So in order to make them more rewarding, rep gains have to be increased. I know there is a rep increase coming in 5.1, but I really don't think that it's going to be enough. Again, just my opinion.

Another suggestion I would have is to maybe make it so you can start getting Shado-pan and AC rep without having to do the GL dailys to get revered with them first. This way players have options on which rep they want to grind on any given day. As it is, the GL rep grind simply takes too long, imo.
11/13/2012 12:04 PMPosted by Seebach

No! Bad! Stop pointing to data-mined content as fact. The change that got picked up was actually an adjustment to Darkmoon Card trinkets for Challenge Mode stat scaling.

That's fairly rude and unbecoming of someone who is in the position you are in, Dax.

Treating people like an animal by saying, "No! Bad!" and then rubbing their nose in it for jumping the gun is definately not what you should have done. Rather, you should have POLITELY STATED the incorrectness of it and moved on.

In this case, both parties here made an error in judgment. Shame to both of you.

Sooo ... Blue is berated for his tongue-in-cheek response, by someone who talks to the Blue like he's a 5 year old.

Shame on who?

(For the record, Daxx's reply made me laugh. The Blue's have said COUNTLESS times: "don't take datamined info as fact!!". However he intended it - and regardless of how it came across - I don't blame him for the tone of his response. GO DAXX!)
But there is a solution, and as we saw in September, it can be hotfixed into the game very quickly and easily -- remove the rep requirement from Valor gear. To go back to my first post in the thread -- what are we missing? What catastrophic problems does that cause that we are just not seeing? Because at this point, Blizzard is currently in a virtual war with their customers to prevent its implementation.

Explain to us -- what happens when rep is stripped off Valor items? Why is it so bad?

There is a repercussion unfortunately, this has been seen time and again when players gain power too quickly too fast, finish raid tier too quickly and whines there's nothing to do.

VP items has always been a supplementary, it helps a player fill in gaps of gear they can't obtain in order to tackle the next tier of challenge, without removing the desire for gear for the next tier.

So, what we are actually looking at is this

Honoured/LFR gear(476) is meant to supplement the gear in order to tackle MSV (489)
Revered/Normal gear(489) is meant to supplement the gear in order to tackle HoF/Terrace (496)

Players are not suppose to get gear on par with the raid they are currently on, which will remove the reward and the challenge for the raid. Challenge not only pertains to the satisfaction of beating the encounter, but also helps giving longevity to the raid, thus players will have more things to do except farming bosses over and over.

If you look at the timeline of how Blizzard timed the dailies, it coincides with the MSV release just as players finished with zone quests and are honoured with klaxxis and GL, as weill as HoF/Terrace release just as most are revered with the other reps. It's by design, which I feel is able to give me a firm context and goals to look forward to.

If context and goals are removed, you will end up like GW2, where you log in, try to find events that seems to happen randomly and/or basically just trying to find something to do like the Tera, or just waiting for the next raid just like Cataclysm DS raid tier.
Pitch -- you don't get it either. What bonus rolls? I'm not doing dailies!!!

So you only get 6 shots at Raid Finder gear every week. That is plenty to kick you over 4-5 more item levels and open up Heart of Fear

11/13/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Tongare
I understand how RNG works. Trust me. I know what my expected gear acquisition is over time. In fact, I can calculate with scary accuracy the probability that I will not qualify for HOF before my account expires. It should be a frightening thought to the Blizzard design team that people are even calculating that.

Not knowing your account info, that's not very meaningful. One or two Raid Finder drops is all you would need, and chances of that in a week or two of RF runs is highly probable.
Are you expecting that Blizzard should be "frightened" that it's taking you more than three weeks after the release of a raid to experience their newest raids, or you'll quit?

11/13/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Tongare
I'll ask the key question again -- what catastrophic event is set to occur if rep requirements are removed from Valor gear? What are we missing?

Again with the hyperbole. There's no catastrophe either way, so please don't pretend that they should give you whatever you want as long as it doesn't cause a disaster.

Blizzard has said it. Others have said it. If they gave you everything you wanted through dungeons alone, people would finish too quickly. While that might make you personally happy, it would shorten the lifespan of the game for many other people. Your mistake is fixating on rep gear as a necessity and lamenting that you can't get it on your terms. You don't need it to progress your character. Let it go.
11/13/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Felocity
1) CRZ - has there been any changes to this other than the correction of bugs? Has anything been more screamed about? I am yet to see anything to really make CRZ more enjoyable for players. and then's there's the who 2-passenger fiasco. Where it went from unknown bug, known bug, to actually being an intended part of CRZ.

You and your pack of infants will not be spoon fed game breaking changes to minorly flawed well thought out systems.

lol "minorly flawed" wth have u been smoking .. ?
blizzard: you don't have to do dailies

real life: you see someone fall down, you don't HAVE to help them up
11/13/2012 09:43 AMPosted by Erras
I've come to realize that the less they listen to us, the better the game will be.

This is so true, based on what ive read on the forums.
blizzard: you don't have to do dailies

real life: you see someone fall down, you don't HAVE to help them up

Ummm no...More like.

Blizzard: You don't have to drive.
Real Life: You don't have to drive everywhere.

You only have to do dailies if you insist on believing that dailies are the only way to gear your toon.

Blizzard knows this...apparently you don't.
Sorry, Blizzard, this is not my expansion. I don't know if subscriptions are increasing or decreasing, but I think adjustments need to be made.

In response to the blue post, head enchantments were only necessary for those wanting to progress in PvE. Likewise, 'Valor Point' gear is also needed to progress. You're trying to differentiate the two by means of need. Both are considered to be needed by PvE-focused players! And, from what I understand, you are going to introduce MORE dailies in later patches.

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