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When is blizz going to realize that those who support CRZ DON'T MATTER. I'll explain this a different way. Lets say that Blizzard announced that they would give all active players $10,000 per account they had active as of Sept 30, 2012. I'm sure you would find many in support of such an idea, but you would also find many opposed to it, due to issues that it could bankrupt the company, it would create unnecessary tax issues to the recipients, etc.

Cross Realm Zones work a lot like that. Now the normal PR blurb about it is it allows friends on different servers to group together, or shows more people out in the world on dead servers, and all of these other things that sound good at first. (who Couldnt use an extra $10k) but they actually break the game in a very fundamental way. WoW is a sharded game. It's not built like games such as Eve Online where all players are on a single "Realm". Also, the technology for Grouping with Friends exists, but that isnt what people are complaining about. Shipping people around just because a zone doesnt have its quota of players is just about the dumbest thing that has ever been implemented in this game, and actually has the Opposite result of what Blizz was trying to achieve. Now, instead of people being out in the world, they stay in Stormwind/Org or the Panda zones because all other zones have CRZ enabled. There's no way to level up alts through questing because all of the areas are too crowded.
Basically, either turn off CRZ or pull a Hostess and turn off the game completely. it's unplayable as it is. (And dont even THINK of replying with a "We're going to leave it the way it is, and screw you" like nearly every other complaint before about CRZ has been replied with)
I'm getting tired of repeating this....
YOU DON'T NEED TO DO DAILIES TO GET GEARED, of you lvl up to 90 you would probably be hnored with the klaxxi or sha do pan... There, you have like 3 epics to spend VPs on... Why do you need more???

Please, do 10 man raids and stop the QQ, and even if you get the Gear that is behind the reputation in all the factions, WHY DO YOU NEED GEAR IF YOU ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO RAID 10 or 25 man??

This is completly pointless!!!

I hated seeing a fully epiced out player enter a raid and be like. dafuqdoido. now they cant Heroic Grind their rep they have no idea that "hurr durr raids drop gear" get all blue slotted up. queue up or join a guild for raids.
And since PVP is a VERY VERY VERY small aspect of the game, who cares if there's more WPVP? What does that have to do with my PVE realm? My "opinions" as you say have been more than echoed by a few people. A LOT of people.

PVP is a very very smal aspect? REALLY? Think before you spout your PVE mouth off.

also all you are saying is CRZ is bad very bad. no proof of it being any good.

What is wrong with it??? how about explaining yourself. What do you hate about it so much.
Do devs ever put little sneaky things into the game when no one is 'looking'? :P
For those that complain about CRZ on a PvP server... I have played WoW since the beginning, I am levelling a new character through this new "CRZ levelling experience". I will tell you honestly, the first pvp realm character i leveled 8 years ago was the hardest. If you are whinging about it now you either need to learn to switch levelling zones (something not so easy 8 years ago) or roll PvE. I am sick of these people who want to play "pvp realms" obviously so they can gank when they reach high levels. STV was hell 8 years ago. There was no BGs, no arenas, no LRF, no queue system for dungeons. So all the high levels dominated lowbies for a lack of anything to do.

Anyone who whinges on a PvP server about ganking... you argument is null and void... because you can roll on a PvE server. Oh you want to play on a pvp server? Oh you want to pvp on a pvp server when your 90? You don't want to go through the cr*p that all pvp players had to go through? You want to just gank without the trouble of being ganked yourself??

I love that I can level my lowbie with other players levelling with me. WoW is not a one player game. Go play Zelda if you cant handle it. OH I GOT GANKED. Big deal! stop bloody whinging. Stop complaining that you cant get a pet/ rare spawn. This is normal in a MMO. Blizz if you revert this change because of the "solo heroes" who play 1 player warcraft, you will lose subscriptions... Anyone who wants to play one player mode either roll PvE or play another game.
Blizz please don't revert the CRZ. Don't cater to the whinging solo heroes
I don't have the exact quote, but didn't a blue post that they were looking into ways to up rep for Mop factions due to the complaints on daily grinds? Wouldn't the anniversay gift have been a perfect way to show they were working on this? If I am understanding the gift right it only increases rep on creature kills and not quests. How is this present going to help the level 90 toons working on MoP faction?

So for a week, if we want to use our present, we will need to play on alts in CRZ zones which will be even more crowded due to the present. I am seriously trying to understand this. Could someone explain?

It appears to me feedback has made no difference on the decision regarding our present.
11/18/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Meiyun

Gotta point out that most of those are your opinion. Some players might like meeting other players in the world, in which case CRZ does make the gameplay more enjoyable. Especially for PvPers, I'd think, since people have been clamoring a long time for the return of world PvP.

I honestly haven't experienced any of that flashing stuff, nor do I think the time changes would really affect anything I was doing. The flashing thing sounds more hilarious than detrimental.

Really? then let me go put a garbage can on your head and smack it around with a 2X4 about seventy times and see just how funny you think it is. I wish to GOD people like you could experience a true migraine.

And since PVP is a VERY VERY VERY small aspect of the game, who cares if there's more WPVP? What does that have to do with my PVE realm? My "opinions" as you say have been more than echoed by a few people. A LOT of people.

If YOU haven't experienced it, well good for you. You probably would have to leave Orgrimmar to experience it. Some of us just don't sit in Org for 6 hour straight. We like to level toons. Lord, you smack of ignorance.

CRZ does not have any evidence behind it that it makes the game any better.
Not one single shred. PVP is not a factor since most realms out there are non-pvp.

The evidence that it's made the game WORSE is documented AND proven. So my opinions are backed up by facts, whereas yours are backed up by thin air and supposition.

Now run along and play nice with the other trolls.
I do experience true Migraines, and have for years. I find I get them more after reading posts like this and the one from the shaman at the top of this page. Seriously, who are you to tell me that my game is unplayable, when it's perfectly fine. I don't, and haven't seen ANY of these issues you people have been droning on for months about. The only thing I see, is a small touch of lag when I swap to a different server. Be Thankful, they could put in a loading screen everytime you changed zones. You do realize that's all it really is right??? It's the same as if you had a loading screen without the longer wait. Sure it's inconvenient but hardly gamebreaking.
Coming from playing on Uther, and leveling from Vanilla zones through Northrend (and heading to Cata) zones on Moon Guard.

Sorry haven't experienced any of these issues. Gathering profs going at steady pace. Still no real competition for quest kills. I never get these "massive frame rate drops" I just read about.

I guess suddenly I'm the 1% that doesn't have a problem with CRZ.

Or is it I'm the 99%?
11/18/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Meiyun
And since PVP is a VERY VERY VERY small aspect of the game, who cares if there's more WPVP?

11/18/2012 02:13 AMPosted by Meiyun
Really dude! It's a VERY VERY VERY small part of the game.

How many dungeons are there? Raids? Scenarios?
How many battlegrounds?

I did a count before, PVE content outweighs PVP content like 10-1 ... so ... yawn.

Your comparison isn't really valid..
Dungeons/raids don't scale, nor do they have "brackets".
Battlegrounds and arenas do.

Dungeons/raids drop level appropriate loot..
Battlegrounds/arenas award points to purchase loot.

There doesn't need to be dozens of new ones created each expansion, the ones we're given are fine.
It's clear that you're more interested in doing the same scripted fights, over and over.. not everyone enjoys the lack of challenge this presents.
11/18/2012 02:13 AMPosted by Meiyun
So baby, just you shut your mouth.

CRZ clearly has issues, but attempting to belittle someone simply because they have an opinion which differs from your own isn't very "adult" of you.

11/18/2012 02:13 AMPosted by Meiyun
Stop being so angry, junior.

You took the words right out of my mouth.
11/18/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Meiyun
And since PVP is a VERY VERY VERY small aspect of the game, who cares if there's more WPVP? What does that have to do with my PVE realm? My "opinions" as you say have been more than echoed by a few people. A LOT of people.

I'm going to point out that people who have leveled 50 characters are probably very few and far in between as well, so why exactly is your experience more important?

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