Sick of Blizz Lies about hearing feedback

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I just can't believe this.. I mean, I've read all the post here (Took me a few nights but I made it!)
I beg you pardon, English is not my native tongue so you'll find a lot of grammatical errors.
You've been warned!

Blizzard is one of the first companies, if not the only at the moment, that MODIFY their GAME BASED on FEEDBACK.

Do you want to raid and get raiding gear but you don't have time/you don't want to get a guild?
Here's LFR for YOU. A difficulty only made for YOU so YOU can RAID whenever you want and as many times as you want.

A lot of people were pissed about the old LFR loot system. The ninjas, the bad luck, the people rolling need on everything.
Here's the NEW LOOT SYSTEM FOR YOU. You need to be lucky to get something though but at least you avoid NINJAS and people rolling NEED on everything.

A lot of people complain about the lack of world PVP (Vanilla !@#$%s and whatnot).
Here's a TON OF DAILIES ZONES SHARED BETWEEN ALLIANCE/HORDE so you can PVP. (You shouldn't cry about 'no alliance/horde' comes here ever because that would be your fault. If you cared too much about world pvp you'd be in a server with 1,5:1 Alliance/horde ratio)

A lot of people complained about not being able to raid as the spec they wanted.
Here your new talent specialization! The biggest difference between some specs are 4,5k DPS (Not in full BiS though, It's highly unlikely you'd be BiS Geared anyways.)
"BUT I WANT TO DO TONS OF DPS, I LOVE ARCANE BUT I HAVE TO PLAY FIRE". Unless you are trying to beat the famous "Dps race" or getting the realm first, you shouldn't worry too much about it. If you do, you'd use whatever you can to earn it.. therefore you'd be fire.

A lot of people complained about the best secondary stats being 'too hard' to get.

I could keep doing this forever.

This is a MMORPG people, you're not forced to do ANYTHING. If you want to Raid with the best items because you really care about raiding YOU SHOULD WORK TO GET THEM.
IF you want to be rich in Real Life, you can't do it working at Mc Donalds, you have to go out and WORK FOR IT.

Blizzard said this a thousand times. PVP is gonna be always hard to balance without hurting PVE.
You could say "HEY!, just do this and this DAMNIT, IS IT TOO HARD?". IT should be since they have a developer team working and thinking balance. (Also this game is balanced at high rating, and most of the people that complains didn't even get to 1850)

And last but not least, you're the one paying to play this game. 15$ each month won't give you the rights to change the game, you're paying to PLAY it, not to change it. Be glad that Blizzard gives you the space to make your FEEDBACK.
And remember that whatever change you feel this game needs, there's going to be a thousand of people who think otherwise.

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you..

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