Frost DK LF raiding guild-

Hi. I quit early Cata and came back about a month into Pandaland. I joined my roommate's guild that have been the same 10 people since BC. I thought if i could catch up to them, they would find a spot, even an alt spot for me. However my luck was not in my favor. They progressed to heroics MV while I was still stuck doing LFR. Then HoF came out and I still couldn't find any successful pugs do even even Normal MV. Now, they are doing Heroic HoF and I have absolutely no hope now.

Short story is, I am willing to raid. I am geared enough for at least some Heroic MV. I put a lot of time, effort, and money into this character. I just would like to find somewhere that can put it to good use.

If it makes it any better, I am leveling a monk ( 70 at the moment of post) and when I get it to 90, it will be a healer.

Between the two of my characters I have herb/Alc/Inscript/JC. I also have another account for mining/herb. Plenty of materials go through me all week.

Given the proper opportunity, I could be an asset raider and/or guild mate. Please alert me via mail or this post and give me a shot!

Thank you for your consideration.
Hey we are currently looking for a Melee DPS. Add me on realId if you wanna talk

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