<Twinks United> Recruiting 85 twinks!

Are you tired of joining twink guilds where the guild master says he will do content but ends up never doing anything? are you tired of young aged player twinks with foul attitudes? Looking for a hardcore twink guild? then <Twink United> is the guild for you, We are a newly formed alliance guild on shandris created for the purpose to provide challenging and fun content for our guild. As 85 twinking is different from most brackets in terms of how raid difficulties are and 10 & 25 man difference this bracket of twinking is a really fun one to be in

So why should i join <Twinks United>?

Well we are different from most twinking guilds in terms of how things are run for starters we don't recruit twinks that think they are #1 and have a foul attitude towards everything we are looking for players who have a passion for twinking and do not choose to brag or show off as well as there are not many 85 twinking guilds early in the expansion

What does <Twinks United> offer me?

Well Upon you choosing to join <Twinks United> you will be looking to be participating (based on personal choice) the following

-Premade Bgs
-T11,T12,T13 Raiding (starting with 10 man ongoing 25 man)
-Tutorials on how to start up a twink
-Premade LFR's to guide players who never saw content before actually hitting it
-85 twinking world pvp ( i have some contacts )
-Non stop heroic grindings
and much much more!

-Pffft sounds like a guild that talks to much but will probably not do any of that-

Well heres where a role of a guild master comes into play i have a passion for twinking as well as being patient to become a successful guild, Ive seen alot of guilds where the GMs will give up because only 1-2 people joint there guild but the key to getting stuff done is being patient and not giving up, we will grow overtime i have no doubt without that

Twinks united is right now a newly formed guild and we are looking to have all classes to join us! you can choose to server-transfer to us or create a new toon and get some help to 85

You want me to transfer my toon to a unknown realm HAH!

Well Shandris is a pretty nice realm its medium populated not to small not to overcrowded also we do not have alot of drama etc in trade chat and such but mainly alot of friendly players as well as a big and stable economy.

I want to KNOW more about the guy who I Might be playing with

Well I can sit here all day and tell you all sorts but ill state out just a couple things

-I've been playing WoW since Mid BC
-Im a friendly player (unless you get on the wrong side of me)
-I have a passion for twinking and raiding as well as twink PVP
-In raiding environments i tend to act strict to ensure raiders are not sitting doing nothing and know i take things seriously and get stuff done
-I live in the UK (that accent <3)
-Pervious Guild master of a 80 twinking guild which we raided ICC 25 heroic (broken apart in MoP because the 80 bracket died (mop items )

Hmm i still want to know more But how?

Well if you feel that i didnt provide any information you needed to know you can always contact me ingame or real ID

Head down to shandris and /who our guild and you can find my name there
OR add "bradrelia#1494" which is my battletag if any more questions (applications will not be done over real ID)

How do i apply to this guild?

All applications will be handled over email Copy and paste the application template (below) into an email, and send it to our guild recruitment e-mail address. "bradrelia@hotmail.co.uk"

Tell us about yourself, what are your other activities/hobbies outside of WoW?:

What is your experience in World of Warcraft; how long have you been playing? What raiding/pvp experience do you have, (please include notable achievements):

Would you describe yourself as being a mature, respectable person? How old are you?:

What do you expect to get out of <Twinks United>?:

What is your availability, what days and times do you play WoW, and on what toons (Main, Alt, Twink)?:

As a member, what do you have that you can bring to our guild?:

If there is any problems with anything i've written feel free to write in the comments or add me on real ID for any further questions!
Why not just lvl and play the game?
11/13/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Cleangirls
Why not just lvl and play the game?

Douche Parade
Who the !@#$ would ever want to twink at 85.
twinks are the lamest thing in the game and 85 twinking world pvp.....ROFL
11/14/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Draxonicar
Who the !@#$ would ever want to twink at 85.

Please mind your language

and to answer your question "who" Myself, and around 300 others im aware of, hope i answered it for you
11/14/2012 04:29 PMPosted by Ghostdøggx
twinks are the lamest thing in the game and 85 twinking world pvp.....ROFL

why are twinks the lamest thing in the game explain elaborate on your raging comment World PVP yes world pvp is when horde/alliance just fight in mass mobs outdoors hope i answered ur confusion
11/15/2012 07:15 AMPosted by Bándet
I am a level 90 twink.
11/13/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Shãman
Are you tired of joining twink guilds where the guild master says he will do content but ends up never doing anything?

Great opening, really caught the viewers eye with an ambush question like that.
Well done for releasing your anger, im really scared of max level yep, ill be honest i dont want to be max level because

1) im to lazy to level up to 90 and the thought of grinding dailies and gear e.g URGH :)

2) I did play 85 when it was content i loved firelands etc and i have so many toons that i thought id leave 1 at 85
Regardless how people feel about twinking, isn't this the wrong thread to be posting this in?
bump Recruits are going great :)
Cata content and everything about is was so bad why would anyone twink at 85, Holy crap.

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