[A] MARTELL or CHIVAS is Recruiting (GMT+8)

MARTELL or CHIVAS is recruiting for our 10 man raiding team.

However we are also interested in those that are just looking for the occasional chance to fill in on the raiding team, or a place to hang out with a great bunch of mature people - while you level or go about your daily routine. We also do a lot of random battlegrounds, LFR, dungeons, ect. together for fun (and points).

Raid time:
9.30 - 12pm on Wednesday GMT+8 (12.30am Server time in summer, 11.30pm Server time in winter).
9.30 - 12pm on Thursday GMT+8 (12.30am Server Time in summer, 11.30pm Server Time in winter).

How to apply:

Apply at http://moc.wowlaunch.com - click on the "Apply to Guild".

Alternatively you can speak to myself or any of our members will happily point you in the direction of an officer.


We are looking to fill in the missing places in our current team. We are looking for more people to solidify our raiding group and ensure that the raids can run each week. We also have flexibility within our group so that we are open to anyone at present.

However, we welcome anyone to apply, from people who just want to join in a raid every now and then, to 1st time players levelling.

* Edit for change of times and website details
Still looking for more members
New guild website is now at http://moc.wowlaunch.com
What classes/roles are you recruiting?

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