[H] Management of Mayhem recruiting for 7-10

Area 52
Hello all.
Raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday 7-10pm server time.
Our goal as a raid team is to progress into heroic modes and have fun doing it. We house a drama free environment and shun trolling.
We are currently 5/6 MSV normal looking to really pick up the progression pace. We are trimming the fat in the guild and in search of

Monk, Enhance shammy, DK, fury Warrior or Rogue

Caster DPS: Mage, Spriest, Ele Shamm

Healer: Druid, Monk or Priest that can play both specs (dual spec is a bonus)

Raiders are expected to have flask. Ilvl 470+. Have vent and be on time and ready to go. You must know your class and play it in the style that reflects that knowledge.

Feel free to contact in game or Battletag Legoships#1338
Bump need an off tank and dps badly. Nice clean raid night. Starting into HoF Thursday.
bump still need solid players. good group of people
Made significant progress towards the second bos sin HoF just need a consistent group and the raids will really start to take off! Join and enjoy raiding!
elegon down with 4 pugs, need solid players to progress fast

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