20k A chance at Alani Mount.

Thread says it all. Taking the first 4 people to send me a in game mail. You will have a 1/4 chance at getting Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. The entry fee will be 20k I will not remove the debuff until i have all 4 people in the party with me and have paid the entry fee. Thank you for your time.
Ill give you 5k
11/14/2012 11:07 PMPosted by Íchiro
The entry fee will be 20k

So what your saying is that 4 people will give you 20k for a CHANCE. I don't think anyone is that stupid to bother with a "Chance to lose 20k" lol.
i... but.... is this troll?

Man i hope so

inb4 masterloots to self and pockets 80k

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