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Can't get past phase 3

I pre HoT myself--- do the stacks. What am I doing wrong?

I do it in both feral and guardian with no luck.

BTW, I've been actively soloing TK and Onyxia
you need to strafe out of the lightning cloud he throws at you, you shouldnt take more than 1 tick of it as long as you are paying attention. also when he is transitioning to phase 3. run to the edge of the platform. this gives you a good distance away from maly to circle strafe and not sit in clouds (as well as time to react to him throwing it out
So, is P3 more about avoiding his abilities than dpsing him?

Should I be doing 1-1-2 for stacks?
Get 5 stacks of the hot while he is RPing you then 1 1 2 3. 2 will at times be not be ready because of your energy, just wait it out. This will keep your hots rolling, keep stacking dots on him and keep your dps high. Just strafe out of the cloud when he fires it and you win.
Just tried again.

I managed to stay alive much longer with HoTs up but he went into enrage...
You're fine as long as you don't reset your stacks. Watch the combopoints on your target carefully before pressing 2 in your rotation of 1 1 2 3. Make sure that 2 combopoints are up before you press 2, otherwise the stack will probably not last long enough for the next rotation. I found that lag would screw it up often
The drake hp and damage are also directly related to your ilvl that you are wearing, so make sure to wear your highest item level regardless if it's actually better or not
Also when he's taking off in phase 1-2 transition you should save cool downs for right before he does, and refresh all your dots, he continues to take damage and it will be less you have to deal with in phase 3
So I give myself full 5 points using 3, but do I ever use 4 or 5?

I get him to about 3 stacks using 1-1-2-3, but I seem to die there. I'm avoiding the spark clouds, but I still am dying
So I give myself full 5 points using 3, but do I ever use 4 or 5?

I get him to about 3 stacks using 1-1-2-3, but I seem to die there. I'm avoiding the spark clouds, but I still am dying

If you're dying doing that, you're doing something wrong. I solo'd it doing 1123 at 85. Once you have 5 stacks of the heal, you start doing the 1123 rotation. 2 takes 50 energy, so you will have to wait for enough energy when you get to that part most of the time. There is no need to always be pressing a button, once you get two combo points on the boss, you want to use 2 as soon as you can, then refresh your heal, then repeat. If you drop your stacks of the debuff on the boss, you'll probably hit enrage. If you manage to do the simple task of hitting 1123 over and over you'll kill him.
I had to do this a couple of weeks ago, I got it on my third try. If I remember correctly, your drake's hp and damage will scale with your stam / attack power, so put on your highest ilvl PvE gear.

On my first attempt, I died on phase 3. I learned that I needed to maintain heal over time stacks on myself.
On my second attempt, Malygos enraged. I learned that I needed to increase and maintain burn stacks on Malygos.
On my third attempt, I kept my HoT stacks up and DoT stacks on the boss. I think if you fail to renew the DoT at any point in the fight you won't beat the enrage timer.

don't stand in fire

This is all you need to complete the phase.
1123 in that order DO NOT change the order and DO NOT use 4 or 5.
If you're not beating him before enrage, the key is to bring his hp down as much as humanly possible prior to phase 3. DoTs, cooldowns, lusts, etc. Buff yourself up enough to bring him down as far as you can get him. That leaves phase three with less HP to deal with. Once in phase 3, do as the others say and spam 1123.

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