(H) 2/16H 16/16N 25m LF Monks, Ret, and more!

Guild Recruitment
Monk, the best way to get ahold of the raiders/officers is via our website: iconhorde.guildomatic.com ^_^ Look forward to hearing from you!
I ever tell you about the time me and Keith snuck a paintball gun on a rollercoaster? I never heard'a anybody else doin' it, so I thought we might'a invented a sport, so Keith called the patent office, but...
Can't wait for next week to be over. working 6 days and 0 overtime... blegh!!!
Tomorrow!!! Hoping they reveal who was on the phone!
Tomato, tomaaaato
Yeah uhm Rick... you need some sleep there buddy.
Who do you think would win? Daryl or Meryl?
So looking forward to Leftover Friday!
Gnight forums. Morning calls me to bake dinner rolls for the masses.
Happy Turkey day
The madness has only begun.
Yay, Friday!
New episode of Walking Dead tonight... YAY!!!!!!!
Mid season finale??? That's why I don't watch this crap until the entire season is over! WTH am I supposed to do til Feb?!?!?!?
So that amber thingy died tonight. Wewt.
Hooray for days off
Who made the best looking Asiago Cheese Focaccia today?
< This tank.
Another one down, bye bye Empress.
Hooray for rain
Months behind. Le ding!

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