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That's definitely messed up if it's trying to describe prot stat priority. The quick version is hit > exp > haste = mastery > dodge/parry. Str can go in the group with avoidance because it converts at a high percentage rate to parry.

But you really shouldn't care about str except to notice the pieces that have LESS of it, e.g. Articulated Legplates vs Legplates of Regal Reinforcement. The first piece having less strength means it has more secondary stats, which are more beneficial for tanking.
IDK the things I saw had something to do with a conversion rate of strength to parry where like 445 strength = 1% parry as compared to 466 parry = 1% parry.

What I honestly think is that I'm OVER thinking it... Blizz making things "easier" seems to always make them harder for me... too user friendly and idk how to work it.

so hit @ 7.5%
exp at 7.5%
haste? to ?
mastery to ?
and what about dodge and parry...

darn it I feel lost! D=
Expertise to 15%, not 7.5.
but what about the rest?
Mr Robot has blown my mind and shown me the light... ya'll should really check it out!
I wouldn't use AskMrRobot.

Go like this:

Stamina to comfort zone > Hit to 7.5% > Expertise to 15% > Haste or Mastery > Mastery or Haste > Dodge > Parry

Dodge and Parry should be calculated via the macro that was posted in the OP. I recommend Haste. Just put Haste as a higher weight than Mastery if you want less downtime and more DPS. If you want slightly higher reliance and an easier time with SotR, weigh Mastery higher.
Any way you could offer a translation of the above for dummies? Or is there another source that offers similar advice in more basic terms for those of us that are not hard core gamers?

I gave up on WoW during the Cata expansion because I didn't like that 1) it seemed like it emphasized raiding a lot more, and 2) I didn't like the dungeons. I'm a casual gamer because my schedule with a full time job, 2 small children and a wife doesn't allow me the time to sit down and play for hours on end or to do hours of research on how best to equip and spec my character. I was given MoP as a gift, tried it, and because frustrated again because of the radical changes to the paladin class. After countless hours trying to figure out the changes made in Cataclysm, Blizzard had changed the class so much I could no longer play without totally redoing everything. A close friend encouraged me to give it another chance, so I'm trying, but couldn't get through the first quarter of your guide because I couldn't keep up with the language and jargon. Please don't take this as an attack, it isn't. I'm just trying to find a guide that's more for laymen like myself without all the jargon and tech-speak. I'm looking for numbers I need to aim for my stats (dodge, parry, etc), which gems and glyphs I should be looking at using, suggestions on assigning hotkeys, and combat rotations. Maybe I'm lazy, but I just don't have the time to sit down and learn all the intricacies and minutiae of the game. I just want to play.

Thanks for your help

Finally my guide was taken down. Congrats on the new tanking sticky. Keep it updated or the owls will eat you.

How the heck do you guys gear up for the Haste or Mastery builds, when you aren't in a serious raiding guild?

I really want to try the haste build, and have started unlocking valor gear from rep, but most of the heroic gear that comes with haste/mastery is paired with crit, and most of the hit/expertise items are with dodge/parry.

If I cap on valor each week, we're looking at 2 months before I have a full outfit to make it worthwhile - in the meantime my gear is gimped because I'm in a "transition" state where I just have some mastery, some haste, some avoidance, some of everything.
01/20/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Invincible
Tanking guide written by a guy who's never even step foot in lfr. Seems legit.

Or the old Pally tanking Guide that was written by a warlock.......
Invinc, quit trolling; content completion does not equate knowledge of class mechanics.
Nah he's right, let me just immediately request to delete this thread. Reason - Invincible.
How the heck do you guys gear up for the Haste or Mastery builds, when you aren't in a serious raiding guild?

I really want to try the haste build, and have started unlocking valor gear from rep, but most of the heroic gear that comes with haste/mastery is paired with crit, and most of the hit/expertise items are with dodge/parry.

If I cap on valor each week, we're looking at 2 months before I have a full outfit to make it worthwhile - in the meantime my gear is gimped because I'm in a "transition" state where I just have some mastery, some haste, some avoidance, some of everything.

To answer your question, build rep. Two big ones are Klaxxi and Golden Lotus. Shieldwall is also really good, and August Celestials isn't bad either.

Klaxxi has belt (Shieldwall does have a superior one) and legs and, if you're a blacksmith, the option to create gauntlets. Klaxxi has a nice 489 ring that has Haste and Expertise, IIRC. Golden Lotus has a nice breastplate and shoulders which only require Revered. For August Celestials, boots and wrists are available (I have to work on this for wrists). Sha of Anger quest rewards nice pair of boots with Haste and Mastery. Shado-Pan also has your Helm and cape, IIRC.

WRT gearing for Expertise and Hit - human racial and blacksmithing do make it easier for someone like me, but a trinket that helps is Lessons of the Darkmaster. It gives a nice increase to your Expertise, has Str on-use, and can coincide with Retribution spec. The Haste build is probably a little difficult, but the key is reforging and gemming. Enchanting to a lesser extent as well.

Just do your rep, grind some Heroics, do Sha of Fear to try to get lucky with your drops, and even try going in LFR as Prot or Ret. Some of Ret's gear does coincide with Prot, too. You'll get there eventually.
Thank you much for the excellent guide, I'll be updating my setup next time I log in. I only just recently hit 90, and I suppose I'm still stuck in the Cata paradigm, looking forward to trying out the control builds.

I was surprised to see Light's Hammer as the least optimal 90 talent. I figured it would be good, if for no other reason than to mimic Death Knight's D&D and the brewmaster's barrel toss spell.

Anyway, thank you again for the guide. :)
Light's Hammer doesn't really mimic D&D / Barrel Toss - it doesn't generate threat for you since the Hammer is treated like a "pet". Unless you mean the whole "click on area, lay it down, etc".

I haven't used it myself, personally, though it seems that Theck uses it a lot (he does 25s, though, so that might make a difference too). It's not a bad talent and can be seen more like a raid cooldown when there's a lot of damage going out (Voodoo Doll'd, Phase 3 of Feng, etc). Personally I like Holy Prism, but Execution Sentence isn't too bad either - the thing that sucks is it doesn't heal you unless you use it on yourself.

Maybe one day I'll consult with RL to test it out. Probably would've been nice for Feng at least. Spiritbender too.
90 Human Paladin
Against All Odds
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***Table of Contents***

To find your section that you'd wish to read, simply press Ctrl+F and insert [PPGPtP00X], X being the section you want to be taken to.

Changes from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria..........[PPGPtP001]
Talent Tree..........................................................[PPGPtP002]
Priority System (Rotation)...........................[PPGPtP004]
Defensive Cooldowns..................................[PPGPtP005]
Stat Priority........................................[PPGPtP006]
Gems and Enchants.....................................[PPGPtP007]
Macros / Useful Addons...............................[PPGPtP008]


Hello, my name is Bassm, and today I have re-written the Protection Paladin guide that was created by various people such as Xayton and Celyndrashad. Of course, not all the information I present is just from these guys and myself alone... so...

***All stuff taken from previous posts from various people from various places, myself included.***

Let us remember that many other people have done heavy research into Protection Paladins, and they obviously deserve the credit for taking the time out of their lives to help out the rest of us. A lot of thanks goes out towards Maintankadin, but also to various forum posters such as Xayton and Celyndrashad for their input as well. I will not attempt to take credit for other people’s research, but instead try to help provide information within the sticky so that other Protection Paladins can better themselves.

Also a very good footnote from Xayton – “Don't blindly lead yourself. Take the time to learn about your class. Learn why you should be gemming with X gems, enchanting with Y enchants, and specing Z. It will give you a better understanding of how things work and in the long run make you a better tank.” Knowing your class inside and out is the key difference from being a good Protection Paladin and a great Protection Paladin.

***Changes from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria[PPGPtP001]

* NO MORE AOE TAUNTS – Righteous Defense has been removed from Protection Paladins as well as their equivalents from other classes.

* Holy Shield is gone – Though it has been “somewhat” replaced, which will be explained further into the article.

* We can now pool up to 5 Holy Power – At Level 85 we obtain Boundless Conviction, which allows Paladins to store a total of 5 Holy Power. Keep in mind that Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory still spend only up to 3 Holy Power, so you are able to retain at the most 2 extra Holy Power after using one of those spells.

* We now have Sanctity of Battle – For those that never played Retribution Paladin, Sanctity of Battle uses Haste to lower the cooldown on your Holy Power generators as well as Hammer of Wrath, Consecration, and Holy Wrath.

* Shield of the Righteous has had significant changes – SotR is not a “Holy Power dump” anymore. Now we use SotR as a method of damage mitigation. Its new passive effect reduces the physical damage you take by 30% for 3 seconds, as well as give the player a charge of Bastion of Glory, which increases your Word of Glory heal by 10% and stacks up to 5 times.

* CTC (Combat Table Coverage), or Block Cap, cannot be reached – For those that don’t know what CTC was, Protection Paladins back in Cataclysm reached a certain percentage to be “block capped”, which was 102.4%. How the table worked was like so –you had a one-roll system that determined what would happen when the enemy hit you with an attack. Theck explains this best in his Attack Table guide, which can be found here:

Now, there is a two-roll system where Block is separated from Dodge and Parry’s table. In other words, let’s say you had 20% Dodge and Parry and 30% Block. It would instead look like this assuming the mob was at equal levels:
0.1-5 – Miss
5.1 – 25 – Parry
25.1-50 – Dodge
50.1-100 Hit

And then the second roll would be:
0.1-30 – Block
30.1-100 – Hit

* Block now has Diminishing Returns as well as other changes – Yes, it’s true; now we cannot be mindless zombies and just aim for CTC and know that we can simply Block everything that we can’t Avoid. You probably have also noticed that your Parry is roughly double to your Dodge – this is because Parry has a faster diminishing return than Dodge; roughly 2-3x as much. Waniou from Maintankadin has given an awesome macro to help determine how much Parry you should have in comparison to your Dodge:
/run d=GetDodgeChance() p=235.5*d/65.631440-((235.5/65.631440)*5.01-3.76) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Ideal parry for current dodge: "..string.format("%.2f",p))

***Talent Tree[PPGPtP002]

Our Talent Trees have significantly changed with this expansion pack. Before, you obtained talent points and placed them wherever on your talent tree. Now, our talent tree allows us to choose one of three talents at Level 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Each talent has its pros and cons for various types of battles and situations. Thankfully, we can now change what talents we have without the requirement of a trainer – all we need is a (link needed)Tome of Disappearance.

Tier 1 – Movement Talents

Speed of Light
3.5% base Mana
45 Sec Cooldown
Increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 sec.

Long Arm of the Law
A successful Judgment increases your movement speed by 45% for 3 sec.

Pursuit of Justice
You gain 15% movement speed at all times, plus an extra 5% movement speed for each charge of Holy Power up to 3.

Recommendations: All three have their significant pros and cons. In most cases, Pursuit of Justice ecks out a win due to being active at all times and gives the player another reason to save up Holy Power after battle; however, Speed of Light and Long Arm of the Law both have pros and cons in other scenarios. Just remember that with Pursuit of Justice the maximum movement speed you can obtain is 30%.

Tier 2 – Utility

Fist of Justice
3.5% of base mana
20 yd range
30 sec cooldown
Stuns the target for 6 sec. Replaces Hammer of Justice.

1.5 sec cast
10.0% of base mana
30 yd range
15 sec cooldown
Puts the enemy target in a state of meditation, incapacitating them for up to 1 min. Any damage from sources other than Censure will awaken the target. Usable against Demons, Dragonkin, Giants, Humanoids and Undead.

Burden of Guilt
Your Judgment hits fill your target with doubt and remorse, reducing movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.

Recommendations: In most cases, Fist of Justice will win out thanks to its shorter cd and (slightly) higher utility. Repentance isn’t bad for CC if it is needed, and Burden of Guilt can be useful in situations where you want to slow down the enemy.

Tier 3 – Defensive

Selfless Healer
Your successful Judgments reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next Flash of Light by 35% per stack and improves its effectiveness by 35% per stack when used to heal others. Stacks up to 3 times.

Eternal Flame
1 Holy Power
40 yd range
Consumes up to 3 Holy Power to place a protective Holy flame on a friendly target, which heals them for 5240 to 5837 (+ 49% of SpellPower) and an additional 508 (+ 5.85% of SpellPower) every 3 sec for 30 sec. Healing increased per charge of Holy Power.

Replaces Word of Glory.

Sacred Shield
6 sec cooldown
40 yd range
Protects the target with a shield of Holy Light for 30 sec. The shield absorbs up to (30 + 1.17 * holy spell power) damage every 6 sec.

Can be active only on one target at a time.

Recommendations: Sacred Shield, a.k.a. the new Holy Shield, all the way. Do not even bother with the other talents – the bubble is way too powerful to forego the other two talents. Eternal Flame has a few advantages, but you shouldn’t be using WoG more than SotR. Selfless Healer is slightly better for specs such as Retribution, and even then using SS on the tank or you are arguably better.

Also don’t forget that Sacred Shield IS tied to the GCD, so don’t think you can macro it in with something unless you’re doing something such as a cast sequence.

Tier 4 – Hands

Hand of Purity
7.0% of base mana
30 sec cooldown
40 yd range
Places a Hand on the friendly target, reducing the damage of harmful periodic effects by 70% for 6 sec. Players may only have one Hand on them per Paladin at any one time.

Unbreakable Spirit
When your Divine Shield, Divine Protection or Lay on Hands are on cooldown, spending Holy Power will reduce the remaining cooldown by 1% per Holy Power spent, up to a maximum of 50% reduction.

You can use Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Hand of Sacrifice and Hand of Salvation twice each before incurring their cooldowns.

Recommendations: All three are slightly situational. In most cases, Unbreakable Spirit is probably the go-to since it does help with the cooldown on your “oh !@#$” spells. Hand of Purity is awesome against DoTs such as bleeds. Clemency is a bit weaker, but being able to use spells such as Hand of Freedom twice is pretty awesome utility if you know how to use it correctly.

Tier 5 – DPS Boosts

Holy Avenger
2 min cooldown
Abilities that generate Holy Power will deal 30% additional damage and healing, and generate 3 charges of Holy Power for the next 18 sec.

Sanctified Wrath
Sanctified Wrath
Avenging Wrath lasts 50% longer and grants more frequent access to one of your abilities while it lasts.

Reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock by 50%.

Reduces the cooldown of Judgment by 50%. Avenging Wrath also increases healing received by 20%.

Reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Wrath by 50%.

Divine Purpose

Abilities that cost Holy Power have a 25% chance to cause the Divine Purpose effect.

Divine Purpose
Your next Holy Power ability will consume no Holy Power and will cast as if 3 Holy Power were consumed. Lasts 8 sec.

Recommendations: Considering Protection Paladin’s main goal revolves more around survival than DPS, Holy Avenger usually is the winner. It provides a nice DPS buff as well as maximizes survival since it allows SotR to be used (almost) consecutively to minimize damage taken. In 5 Man Heroics or certain instances, you can tie both Avenging Wrath and Holy Avenger together since they have roughly the same duration and provide a DPS / survival buff.

Sanctified Wrath isn’t bad since it does allow a somewhat faster Holy Power regeneration thanks to the reduced CD on Judgment while providing an extra 20% to healing received; however, Avenging Wrath is also on a 3 min CD.

Divine Purpose is the weakest talent in most scenarios. Tanks shouldn’t really focus on being too reliant on the RNG since it can be the difference between a wipe and surviving the fight.

Celyndrashad explains this one in further detail than I, so you can read this if you still are unsure:

“A quick note on tier 5 talents.

For damage these talents rate SW>HA>DP, while for SotR uptime they rank DP>HA>SW. Holy Avenger is more controllable than Divine purpose and can operate as a burst survival cd...and who doesnt want to wield the ashbringer? SW works well with the AW glyph (no duh huh) and is nice with LAotL. If you choose SW note that you should prioritize Judgment over CS DURING AVENGING WRATH.”

Tier 6 – DPS / Heal

Holy Prism
5.4% of base mana
20 sec cooldown
40 yd range
Sends a beam of light toward a target, turning them into a prism for Holy energy.

If an enemy is the prism, they take 14523 to 17750 (+ 142.8% of SpellPower) Holy damage and radiate 9794 to 11969 (+ 96.2% of SpellPower) healing to 5 nearby allies within 15 yards.

If an ally is the prism, they are healed for 14523 to 17750 (+ 142.8% of SpellPower) and radiate 9794 to 11969 (+ 96.2% of SpellPower) Holy damage to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards.

Light’s Hammer
1 min cooldown
30 yd range
Hurl a Light-infused hammer into the ground, where it will blast a 10 yard area with Arcing Light for (17 sec.5) sec.

Arcing Light
Deals 3268 to 3993 (+ 32.1% of SpellPower) Holy damage to enemies within the area and 3268 to 3993 (+ 32.1% of SpellPower) healing to allies within the area every 2 sec.

Execution Sentence
1 min cooldown
40 yd range
A hammer slowly falls from the sky, causing holy spell power*5936/1000+26.72716306*486 Holy damage over 10 sec. This damage is dealt slowly at first and increases over time, culminating in a final burst of damage.

Stay of Execution
If used on friendly targets, the falling hammer heals the target for holy spell power*5936/1000+26.72716306*486 healing over 10 sec. This healing is dealt slowly at first and increases over time, culminating in a final burst of healing.

Recommendations: Level 90 talents can be underestimated, as they provide either the greater amount of our damage, utility, or threat.

Execution Sentence is our best single-target attack, and technically our best single-target heal. This is awesome on bosses in particular, but it can also be macro'd to be used on yourself while tanking trash. It's on a 1 Min CD, so there aren't much issues throwing it into your rotation somewhere.

Holy Prism was something underestimated, but when Holy Wrath wasn't working I've noticed it's pretty useful. Not only is it now a smart heal, but it also helps generate a "snap threat" fairly well. The prism is best targetted on yourself. This is recommended on trash pulls and the like. 20 second cooldown is pretty nice too, but sometimes it can be hard to weave in.

Light's Hammer can be treated more like a cooldown more than an actual attack. It's pretty nice to have and some of the pros like Theck also use it. Don't underestimate this one just because the other two are gravy.

Level 90 talents seem to call for different situations, so choose whichever talent fits the appropriate situation at hand. If you're using Holy Prism, it might be best to pull like so:

- Judgment
- Avenger's Shield
- Hammer of the Righteous (assuming gap is closed)
- Holy Prism
- Consecrate
- Holy Wrath
- Resume normal rotation

This should help get your threat generation going.


Pandaria made it difficult for us to choose which glyphs we should use as a Protection Paladin. In general, you will likely swap in and out glyphs pending on the situations presented in the instance or fight coming up. For this reason, we’re going to list what glyphs are recommended to be looked at when selecting your glyphs. Remember, you can also swap glyphs out with (link here)Tome of Clear Mind.

*DPS Increase*

* Alabaster Shield – Successful blocks increases the damage for SotR by 20%, which stacks up to 3 times. For the most part, this glyph is highly recommended since SotR is a key component in our rotation.

* Focused Shield – Avenging Shield hits 2 fewer targets, but damage is increased by 30%. Thanks to an update in 5.0.5, our Avenging Shield hits pretty hard to compensate for our loss with Seal of Truth and Censure. This glyph is great for consistent damage on single targets throughout the entire fight such as bosses.

* Final Wrath – When enemies are at 20% health or less, your Holy Wrath’s damage is increased by 50%. Holy Wrath has also gotten a significant buff thanks to an update in 5.0.5, and with the glyph Holy Wrath hits harder than Hammer of Wrath at 20%. Awesome for trash / mobs.

* Double Jeopardy – When Judgment is used on a separate target, its damage is increased by 20%. This glyph isn’t bad in situations with trash / mobs, though underperforms in some boss situations.

* Harsh Words – Allows the Paladin to target enemies with Word of Glory instead to damage the target for the amount it would have healed him. Does not work with Eternal Flame and does not stack with Bastion of Glory.

* Word of Glory – When Word of Glory is used, you receive a 3% damage boost per Holy Power spent for 6 seconds. This one is okay since Word of Glory is used often; however, the 6 seconds and the small boosts aren’t enough to really justify it.

Recommendations: Alabaster Shield, Focused Shield, and Final Wrath are probably your best glyphs to improve your DPS. Alabaster Shield might be slightly weaker when considering the avoidance build, and Final Wrath is only effective in instances where the boss is at 20% or less health. Remember that Focused Shield isn’t recommended when you have to pull mobs and trash.

*Utility Glyphs*

* Avenging Wrath – Passive 1% heal every two seconds. This is best paired if you take Sanctified Wrath as a Tier 5 talent.

* Battle Healer – Melee attacks when using Seal of Insight heals a nearby injured friendly target, excluding the user, for 30% of the damage dealt. This glyph is great with Vengeance ramping up your melee attacks and helps your threat generation thanks to the heals that are being provided.

* Blinding Light – AoE knockdown. Considering Blinding Light is a mediocre spell otherwise, this glyph can take the spell and make it useful. Great for interrupting multiple enemies at once (if they can be knocked back).

* Consecration – Allows the Paladin to target his / her Consecration within 25 yards of casting. Great for pulling trash / mobs from a distance.

* Dazing Shield – Dazes, or slows down the target. Makes pulling a little easier at the start.

* Divine Protection – Instead of Divine Protection protecting you from magic damage by 40%, it protects the user from physical damage by 20% and magic damage by 20%. Note that this glyph and the spell are inversed from what they originally were in Cataclysm. This glyph does have its situational advantages.

* Hammer of the Righteous – Increases the debuff from HotR from 30 sec to 45 sec. Not a bad glyph for those trying to learn their spec or if the tank has to constantly target away from certain enemies for an extended period of time.

* Holy Wrath – Stuns Elementals and Dragonkin as well as Undead and Demons.

Recommendations: Pretty much anything listed here is good enough to be used with Protection Paladin. Battle Healer is highly recommended as it increases your threat generation and helps make healer’s lives a little easier with the added heals on injured players. Like some of the DPS glyphs, these also have situational advantages and disadvantages.

*Minor Glyphs*

There are only four glyphs that really affect anything we do.

* Righteous Retreat – Bubble Hearth!

* Mounted Kings – Gives Blessing of Kings when mounting. Not really recommended.

* Falling Avenger – Slowly falls while using Avenging Wrath.

* Focused Wrath – Holy Wrath only affects one target. Might have some use when a lot of CC is involved or when you want to focus your damage on one target (especially for Final Wrath scenarios).

The only two that really matter are Falling Avenger and Righteous Retreat. The other two are too situational to really consider. Aesthetic glyphs usually outclass the other two.

*In General – Recommended Builds*

Breakdown - In general, the only one that is usually required almost 100% of the time is Alabaster Shield. It offers a consistent damage increase without a penalty or condition applied to it (aside from blocking, which comes naturally).

Battle Healer, though, is one that is definitely a powerful glyph, and highly recommended. The utility it provides is astronomical when combined with making it easier for healers to heal other people.

For offensive, Focused Shield is probably the one glyph you'll likely go to unless there is more than one target. In this case, Final Wrath is likely better of a choice. Avenger's Shield has most of our damage, while Holy Wrath has a great portion of it (especially during Execute phase). Remember that Holy Wrath has a higher priority than Hammer of Wrath during execute phase if Final Wrath is glyphed.

Defensively, Divine Protection can help in a lot of situations that calls for physical damage reduction.

For other forms of utility broken down, Dazing Light and Holy Wrath glyphs are great as well.

Maximizing DPS:
- Glyph of Alabaster Shield
- Glyph of Focused Shield / Double Jeopardy
- Glyph of Final Wrath

Balanced Boss / Off-heal:
- Glyph of Battle Healer
- Glyph of Alabaster Shield
- Glyph of Focused Shield / Final Wrath / Divine Protection

Mob / Trash:
- Glyph of Blinding Light
- Glyph of Battle Healer OR Glyph of Consecration
- Glyph of Holy Wrath OR Dazing Shield
Double Jeopardy can also work.

There are many different ways that you can set up your glyphs. All it takes are knowing what you want with your Paladin and what is being called into play with instances, certain pulls, and certain bosses.

***Priority System (Rotation)[PPGPtP004]


We do not like to really call our system of works a “rotation”. Rather, we like to look at it as a priority system.


In patch 5.0.5, Seal of Truth and Censure were nerfed by about 80%. This has caused a great debate on what Seal to use – Seal of Insight or stick with Seal of Truth. In most cases, Seal of Insight is usually better than Seal of Truth; however, Seal of Truth can be used so long as you’re keeping yourself healthy and the healer doesn’t tap out of resources too quickly.

There are two advantages with Seal of Insight. The first is the additional heal / mana ticks that stack with our Vengeance. The additional bonus is that the heal helps improve our aggro generation a bit as well, so it makes losing aggro within the first couple of seconds in the pull a little harder than simply using Seal of Truth. The other advantage is Battle Healer glyph, which helps heal other allies for 30% of the melee damage dealt by you. This makes healer's lives a little bit easier in general.

Seal of Truth is still decent, if only because it is one of the better seals to help our DPS. Censure tick still helps us out in damage output and helps our melee attacks by 12%. It just isn’t as profound of a Seal as it was back in, say, Cataclysm. It definitely is on the losing end of Seal of Insight, though.

What you use is completely up to you and the party in general. Consult with your healers if necessary to decide which seal to use. In most cases, though, Seal of Insight is highly recommended for survival and an aggro boost. Seal of Truth is pretty weak and should only really be used if you have some obsession with having the most optimal DPS (not recommended as a tank, either).

*Damage Mitigation*

Mists has introduced us into the world of Death Knights… sort of. Now we must roll with the ways of damage mitigation. Protection Paladins have two ways of damage mitigation. The first is through Shield of the Righteous, which provides a 3 sec buff that reduces physical damage by 30% and provides a charge of Bastion of Glory which stacks up to 5 times and each charge improves our Word of Glory by 10%. The second is through Word of Glory, which spends Bastion of Glory charges to heal the Protection Paladin for a significant amount of health.

Remember that your Mastery stat increases the amount of physical damage that is reduced, the amount Bastion of Glory increases your Word of Glory heal, and your Block chance by 1% for each point of Mastery.

*Priorities in General / Pull*

Remember our first and foremost priority is to hold aggro, so don’t forget your nifty tools such as your Taunts when necessary.

1) Keep Weakened Blows debuff on enemy with Hammer of the Righteous.
2) Use Shield of the Righteous to help keep 3 sec buff. Remember that you can generate 5 HP, so it doesn’t have to be spent right away.
3) Build HP with Crusader Strike, Judgment, Hammer of the Righteous, or Avenger’s Shield if Grand Crusader procs.
4) DPS.

A great opener is usually Sacred Shield ~6 seconds before the pull -> Judgment -> Avenger’s Shield instead of Avenger’s Shield -> Judgment like it was originally in Cataclysm. This is because Avenger’s Shield can’t proc Sacred Duty anymore (Sacred Duty was removed) and, at the time, Avenger’s Shield could silence all three enemies. Judgment was mainly used to help build threat while walking towards the mob / trash / boss. Since Judgment now builds HP and works in tandem with two of the three movement boosting talents, it’s best to open with it first before Avenger’s Shield.

Celyndrashad explains why you should use Sacred Shield 6 seconds before the pull: “Sacred shield now does not apply an absorb till after the first 6 seconds. Reapplying SS before its duration is up will keep this from happening mid-combat. So just make sure you apply SS 6seconds before the pull.”

*Single Target Priority*

Crusader Strike -> Judgment -> Filler -> Crusader Strike -> Judgment -> Filler

And so forth. This prioritizes on building Holy Power. If Grand Crusader procs, simply use it during the Filler phase. Filler should be used with these spells in the following order of priority:

- Hammer of the Righteous if debuff has dropped / about to drop
- Avenger’s Shield (whether Grand Crusader procs or not)
- Holy Wrath
- Consecration
- Sacred Shield (roughly when it’s on its last tick or within the last 5 seconds)
- Level 90 Talent (Holy Prism or Execution Sentence)
- SotR, so long as you have 3 HP up (ideally you want 5).

At 20% health or less:

- Hammer of the Righteous if debuff has dropped / about to drop
- Avenger's Shield (if Grand Crusader procs)
- Holy Wrath (only if Final Wrath is glyphed)
- Hammer of Wrath
- Avenger’s Shield (if no Grand Crusader proc)
- Holy Wrath (if not glyphed)
- Consecration
- Sacred Shield (roughly when it’s on its last tick or within the last 5 seconds)
- Level 90 Talent (Holy Prism or Execution Sentence)
- SotR, so long as you have 3 HP up (ideally you want 5).


You can swap to Seal of Righteousness, though Seal of Insight works just fine. Replace Crusader Strike with Hammer of the Righteous. Seal of Righteousness is usually best on 4 or more targets. Also, Consecration should be over Holy Wrath in the rotation as Holy Wrath's damage is split over multiple enemies. If Final Wrath is glyphed and there are trash below 20% health, it's okay to prioritize Holy Wrath over Consecration.

***Defensive Cooldowns[PPGPtP005]

- Sacred Shield (Talent) – Great bubble. Keep up at all times.

- Divine Protection – 1 Min cd, either protects the caster from magic damage by 40% or physical damage and magic damage by 20% if you use Glyph of Divine Protection.

- Devotion Aura – 3 Min cd, protects allies within 40 yards of the caster from magic damage by 20% for 6 seconds. Best used when magic AoE happens.

- Guardian of Ancient Kings – 3 Min cd, protects caster from damage by 50%. Probably our most powerful defensive cooldown and should be used when major damage is incoming.

- Ardent Defender – 3 Min cd, protects caster from damage by 20% for 10 seconds. While active, an attack that would normally kill you will instead heal you for 15% of your maximum health. This is also a powerful defensive cooldown, but very awkward to decide when to use it (especially if you don’t die often).

- Divine Shield – 5 min cd, protects user from all damage for 8 sec, but reduces your damage output by 50% (as well as reduces threat). Can also use Hearthstone if glyphed with Glyph of Righteous Retreat. Causes Forbearance. This is best used when either there are a lot of debuffs (i.e. loss of control) or when the group is about to wipe if you’re combining with the Righteous Retreat. It’s best to macro this just in case you want to debuff yourself (in fear of losing threat).

- Avenging Wrath – 3 min cd, increases damage and healing caused by 20%. Great offensive and defensive cooldown. Lasts 20 seconds. If Sanctified Wrath is taken as a talent, increases healing received by 20%, extends the duration to 30 seconds, and reduces the cooldown on Judgment by half.

- Holy Avenger (Talent) – 2 min cd, abilities that generate HP will deal 30% additional damage as well as generate 3 HP instead of 1.

- Lay on Hands – 40 yd, 10 min cd (12 w/Divinity Glyph), Heals a friendly target at max health. Causes Forbearance.


Note - these are on the GCD!

- Hand of Protection – 40 yd, 5 min cd, Protects an ally for 10 seconds from physical attacks, but player cannot use physical attacks or abilities when in the bubble. Causes Forbearance. Great in situations where healers are taking physical damage from enemies.

- Hand of Freedom - 40 yd, 25 sec cd, Places hand on friendly target to grant immunity to movement impairing effects for 6 seconds. Awesome for mechanics that cause player to lose control or become snared / slowed down.

- Hand of Purity (Talent) – 40 yd, 30 sec cd, Places hand on friendly target to reduce harmful damage over time effects by 70% for 6 seconds. Nice to use against mechanics such as Bleeds.


If no Druid or Monk is present – Blessing of Kings
If Druid or Monk is present – Blessing of Might

***Stat Priority[PPGPtP006]

Gearing and our stat priority is highly dependent on your goal as a Paladin. There are three different options to consult with if you want to build your Protection Paladin. All three have pros and cons associated with each other, so choose whichever you think is best for your raid group and / or yourself. If you’d like, you can read all the number crunching by Theck here -


Dodge = Parry > Mastery > Hit > Expertise

Total Avoidance is all about avoiding as much incoming damage as possible. While this means there are instances where you can escape without taking much damage, damage will also sometimes come in “spikes”. Stamina should be built to suit whatever is necessary. Remember to run the Dodge / Parry ratio macro too!


Before we go further into this, let's explain why Expertise and Hit should be capped in the next two builds. Celyndrashad explains this nicely (and why I got the Expertise originally mixed up at 7.5 instead of 15%):

"Expertise does not lose mitigation value after 7.5%. Its worth just as much at 14% as at 5%. The reason that some of the older guides make a break point at 7.5% was that they were concerned with overall damage taken. Hitting 15% takes a TON of itemization and they felt that they would be taking too much overall damage. But that kinda defeats the entire purpose of the control build altogether."

Anyway, the formula you've been waiting for -

Stamina > Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (15%) > Mastery > Haste

This is an easier version of a Protection Paladin to play and doesn’t have as much spiky damage as the Total Avoidance formula. This helps with generating Holy Power and using SotR without worries of an accidental miss and loss of building up a charge of Holy Power in the process. Best of all, you Block, reduce physical damage, and heal a little more with this build than the Haste build that will be explained below.

This setup is pretty much your "middle-road" of sorts.


Stamina > Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (15%) > Haste > Mastery

Just like the Control: Mastery, Hit should be 7.5% and Expertise should be capped at 15%. This one trades easy wheels / middle-of-the-road tank style for a slightly faster Judgment, Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Holy Wrath, Consecration, and Hammer of Wrath thanks to Sanctity of Battle. The main point of this is to speed up Holy Power generation to help mitigate the damage in a (slightly) faster pace. This also yields a DPS increase in comparison to the Control: Mastery. Be very careful, though, as this build can be more prone to damage spikes than the Mastery build, but usually is less prone than the Total Avoidance build.

***Gems and Enchants[PPGPtP007]

All of these will vary with the Protection Paladin’s build of choice. Recommended are as follows.

Recommended Gems
Meta Gem: Austere Primal Diamond
Red Gems:Guardian's Imperial Amethyst, Keen Vermilion Onyx, Defender's Imperial Amethyst or Fine Vermilion Onyx
Blue Gems:Solid River's Heart or Perfect Puissant Alexandrite
Yellow Gems:Nimble Wild Jade, Perfect Puissant Alexandrite or Fractured Sun's Radiance [/ul]
Shoulders: Gre
Ok so I will attempt to make this short.

I was wondering does anyone have logs, specific logs for a prot paladin with both the mastery and haste builds? I understand the pro's and con's of both, however have mainly had the chance to experiment with mastery. Seeing the otherside with gear/logs and the raiding experience would be a definate help.
*Is either of these actually show a clear indication of which is better overall?

On a actual related note - A really nice and guide for starters/ experienced pallies.
From a purely defensive standpoint, there is no clear, defined "better" and looking at logs is not going to really tell you a whole lot.

If you take into account that Haste also gives you a fairly substantial boost to your damage output, I think it tends to be a winner even in situations where Mastery wins out by a slight margin defensively. I, and the paladin community as a whole, have not seen a situation where Mastery conclusively trumps Haste - not on 25, or 10, or heroic or normal or anything. There are a few fights where it can lead to some extra mitigation, but it just isn't a big enough deal to really worry about it.
From how I see things haste seems to be a way that controls the damage being taken (by having a great Sotr up for a greater amount of time) but does having the loss of the avoidence stats on gear a serious let down? Or does the additional parry from the strength on gear make up for this?

* Sorry if i am being a pest, finally finding people that can give insight in this matter is much appreciated.

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