[A] KoF HEROICS 10m 4/12 LFM keens for ToT !

Need a 511 fury war?
send us an ingame tell
Bump - Looking to recruit a healer.

Prefer: Disc Priest, Pally or Monk
All capable healers will be considered.

We're currently 7/12 HM's.

Please contact one of: Thelatejctwo, Danzorr, Tehzor, Stagadin, Kezruc, Foremourne

Hey guys my keyboard is in 2 parts, so I'll see y'all on Tuesday :)
Hey noticed you are after a hunter for your raid team 526 6/13 HM 12/12 NM Hunter Can make any raid times from 3pm-11PM ST any days am also flexible

Feel free to mail me ingame

Cheers mate

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