[A] Malice 10/25 6/12N LF Exceptional players

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<Malice> is a 25 man semi-casual raiding guild looking for strong DPS to fnish our roster and bring it up to where we want it to be. <Malice> has quite a long raiding history, from BC to now, and has always strived to get good and dedicated players to enjoy the content in a 25man environment.

Raid Times (Central):
We raid Tue/Wed/Thur: 7:00-10:00 Server time, Invites are sent at 6:45.

Previous Cataclysm Raiding Achievement:
-6/16HM (10man)
-8/8HM DS (25% nerf 10man/30% nerf 25man)
-7/7HM FL Pre MoP(6/7HM when FL was current content)
-5/13HM Cata raiding

Recruitement needs:
-Reliable Healers (shaman pref, but every other classes will be considered)
-Reliable Hunter

We expect our raider to be:
-Prepared for raid when we step into a few fights during progression, have an idea of how the mechanics work by watching some videos(kill videos or fatboss)
-Ready in game when raid is about to start. That means being fully repaired, having enough flask/pots/food in your bags to be able to get these buffs for the whole duration of the raid.
-Focused during raids. Be ready mentally also, be tolerant, don't rage when everything is not going the way you want it to go. Learn from your mistake when you do one. No one is perfect and we understand that screwing up can happen at times. Just make sure you don't repeat it.

Even though <Malice> is raiding at a casual level, we want to have fun, and fun isn't wiping to stupid !@#$, it's smooth clean kills executed well by 25 intelligent focused players performing their roles at optimal levels.

If you still feel like you could be an asset to our team, feel free to App on our forum: www.wowmalice.net
You can contact Khonsu, Gengar, Sinickle or Dac in game for more info. If none of them are online, feel free to pst me ingame, Ill can still answer most questions/find an officer more easily
Need consistent raiders please!
10/30/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Kadornus
Need consistent raiders please!

WAY TO COPY MY TRANSMOG, KAD. Unfortunately for you, you don't have Five Thunders for the non-set pieces.
You're a Dwarf, the transmog looks terrible enough.
Bump for 6/6 MSV
Wuts up w/ guild's not needing spriests and locks anymore...nerf shamans.
All exceptional applicants are welcome!
11/02/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Czarnick
nerf shamans.

Buff gnomes!
bump for being another 25m on this server
Looking for spriests at all?
2/6 HoF (10)
We do have a spot open for a Spriest. feel free to apply!
11/03/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Boduh
bump for being another 25m on this server

Malice is the oldest 25m guild on this server.
Stability for the win?!
Bump for I'm opening DPS Warriors and DKs

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