[A] Malice 10/25 6/12N LF Exceptional players

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Update: 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF 25.
Bump for slight recruitement changes and Whole progression being 25man
bumpbumpbump! Need Arms/Fury warrior!
Bump for 3/6 HoF
11/03/2012 12:42 AMPosted by Jobie
Buff gnomes!

I heard we're looking for apps
im actually looking for a good guild to raid with myself..... pst in game if anyone is online
I'll keep your name and try to speak with you in-game when I can. Been very busy lately though:(
If you are really interested, feel free to app on our website
Where are the apps!?! Need more apps!
raiding tonight + we need a Ret pally once again
Up, slight recruitement changes
I have an Arms war and a fire mage (Mageos). I like your description, kind of what I have been looking for in a guild. Considering server transferring and seeing 25m guilds makes my decision a lot easier. I don't know how you can contact me cross-server. I checked out the website too, nice site. Hope to hear from you and happy turkey day.
Battle tag:Grennan#1486
Also, send an app if you really are interested, it will be a pleasure for me to give you my thoughts about it.
Also, at the moment, I might be more interested in seeing your mage app, because I got lots of plate DPS applicants waiting for trial raids, where I only have 1 mage at the moment.

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