[A] Malice 10/25 6/12N LF Exceptional players

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Bump that, I still dont see many apps active on the forum...
Disc priest preferably, as far as I know, Malice is lacking healers at the moment.
Feel free to apply on wowmalice.net or contact Sinickle /Taragen when hes online
Then, I would really advise you to talk to Sinickle/Taragen. He's the one in charge of recruitement and has more detail about the exact needs for the guild. I'll try to talk to him when I see him online
I can see you registered on the forum, cant see why you could not log on.
Anyway, if you want, you can contact me ingame (battletag is greannan#1481).
Still need a few healers to revert back to 25!

Looking for a few dps to fill out the 25 man. Mainly in search of warrior/hunter/rogue but all classes welcome to apply.
Just transferred from medivh and looking for a new home. I like your raid times and so on. Are you looking for locks by any chance
Malice needs more gnomes.
will be on tonight around 630 or so server time let us chat
Ive been trying to register and I still havent received a email from the website so I can submit a app been trying to get it to resend one and it just wont do it
Iw ould talk to Khonsu/Seleste in game if you are having issues with the forum. As for Zefrell, feel free to pst Sinikle/Taragen at any time to get the details on the current raiding plans.

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