H<Cahoots> Recruiting! Early raid times!

Looking for a progression-oriented mature (well, age wise at least) raiding environment on a limited schedule? <Cahoots> might be for you!

About Us:

Over two years old, Cahoots focuses on raiding with a group of individuals we actually like, not solely on skill level. Blizzard says "take the player, not the class" and we couldn't agree more. We only invite new members if we feel their personality fits as well as their skill at their class.

You are still responsible for the basics: knowing your class, knowing the best gear choices for you, mastering your rotation and maintaining your raid awareness. But the crux of Cahoots is that we’re a team. We’re looking for people who are interested in bettering the guild as a whole – not just their own character goals, gear score or achievement point total.

How can one fit in well with Cahoots? Follow these basic guidelines:
- Don't be a jerk
- Be prepared to raid
- Communicate effectively (this means no "lolwut" and if you hit accept for a raid invite, we expect you to be there)
- Not required, but you're probably of that "older" age group (aka 25+)

We are currently recruiting 2-3 skilled players to be a critical part of our 10 man team:

Healer - Priest (Holy/Disc ideally with Shadow OS), Pally or sexy Tree
DPS - Boomkin or Mage

While we do take the player, not the class...we're currently a bit full on the Warrior/Hunter/Shaman/Monk token. Anyone else that may be interested is encouraged to apply.

We raid only two nights per week, for a combined total of 5 hours, but focus on accomplishing as much as we can in a short period of time.

Raid Times:
Wednesdays - 4:30 - 7 PM Server
Thursdays - 4:30 - 7 PM Server

If you’re interested in being part of a team that celebrates successes, learns from failures and has a great time doing it on a limited schedule, you might be a good match for us.

To learn more and apply, visit www.cahootsguild.com or whisper/msg Frickadelle in game.
Nice to see someone pushing for horde. I hope you guys do well.
Cahoots still running? Is Love still leading?
Thanks for the love Scrambledstdd! Convince some of your alli friends to faction transfer. We don't bite....much! :)

Shan - I've actually been GM of Cahoots since the start...almost 3 years now. Love hasn't been in the guild for quite some time, not sure if he's still playing or not.
yay frick !
Oh yeah, disconnect was his guild, sorry!
From the top to the bottom to the bottom to the top
Oh hai. LFGuild? We are LFYou!
Bump for caster deeps
Bump. looking to fill two spots with responsible players who can arrive to raids on time and inform the guild of their absences.
To the tippy top
Whattup qtpie?
Nada just doing work Alliance side... Shh dont let people know you are in cahoots with the enemy... Gahhh see what I did there??

Anywho bump it!
zomg i totally cwutudidther!! All part of my evil plan I tell you. Mwahahaha

and o.O

Bump this mutha for any god forsaken breathing people left on horde side. I know you are out there. Let's be friends.
Seriously, come play with us.

It is so damn depressing to do a /who Mogu'shan Vaults and see ONE person in it. I know you're out there Horde.
hello dependable, healers that like to raid from 4:30-7 PST, are you out there?
Druid girl

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