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Bleeding Hollow
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Bumping with updated progression! We are now 10/16H.
02/02/2013 02:20 PMPosted by Balto
Bumping with updated progression! We are now 10/16H.

You claim to be a 25 man hard mode guild and then state you are 10/16H. Could you please specify which dates you have killed five extra bosses on heroic mode in 25 man raid instances?

Are you running a 25 man group and then a separate 10 man group?

www.wowprogress.com, a reputable World of Warcraft ranking site, has you listed as 5/16H on 25 man content. You might want to e-mail them and let them know there is a bug in their listings so you can get the credit you are due.
Look at these people posting on level 1 forum alts. Too shook to show your current main/guild?
Yo Balto; stop spamming my trade chat!
I don't even need to bump my own threads anymore, that's convenient.

Sincerely, Woof.
Worst Balance NA reporting for doody.
What r is be going on in r herez
Hai Kelleth! You should drop that guild and heal for us. <3<3<3
Still looking for more players.

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