Relic of Niuzao vs Relic of Xuen, BrM

So I invested in an Ox deck for the Relic of Niuzao, because at first glance it looked really strong. Alot of Stam and a massive dodge on-use on a 1 minute CD.

But apparently, the Agility+Agi proc is better? You get more crit/AP from the Agi, but if the Agi to Dodge conversion is roughly 1:1, then you'd get more use out of Relic of Niuzao.

They are both good choices, but the agility one is a bit better. The stam is nice, but not really necessary you will get more out of the mitigation from Agi, and while the dodge cd (about 8% from what I read) is good, we have a regular use of a 30% dodge CD which gets increased up time by the Agi trinket.
I plan to get Xuen, normal modes don't require additional stam (unless your gear is really bad) and you get more bang for your buck off the agility proc.

If your moving in to heroic's you might want to consider having both and swapping to the stam one on any fights you frequently get jibbed on during progression. Seen plenty of 6/6 heroic BrM's that never used a stam trinket.
Depends on the fight, some fights you need mitigation (Garajal) others you need higher healthpool.
Given that xuen is strong for dps along with brm it's a strong investment if you intend on playing both specs. That said, I'm not sure but since I don't take in raids how viable is dps trinket from elegon with tanking? Mastery + agi proc @ 50%~ uptime.

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