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Moon Guard
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"There is no force so powerful as a mind resolved."
- Tendael Dawnlight

From the cradle of Quel'Thalas, we have risen to seize the day. Ours is an order tempered by strife and driven by a thirst for power. Our enemies multiple as our allies dwindle, but our spirit remains undaunted, unquenchable, and unending.

Our future is forged in the fires of industry. Should the heavens fall and enshroud this world in peril, we shall remain standing with confidence and tenacity. No force, no matter how ancient or zealous, will be strong enough to sway us from our course.

We march towards the horizon, towards a gilded dawn of progress and prosperity for our people. So long as the sun reigns over this world, nothing will exist beyond our reach. In the end, we shall wield the pen which writes history.

Never surrender. Never compromise. And never give them a reason to doubt you.

On the Cutting Edge
Who We Are

The Dominion of the Sun is a Thalassian order dedicated to the pursuit of power through knowledge, innovation, and mastery of the arcane. The order operates across Azeroth, seeking artifacts, relics, and other objects of value. Whatever power that can be wrested from the coffers of antiquity is used for the benefit of the Dominion, and by effect, the benefit of Quel'Thalas and the Horde.

As a paramilitary, the Dominion engages in combat where necessary, often relying on force to seize or protect assets. As an acquisitions company, the Dominion raids vaults and repositories across the globe in search of artifacts, treasures, and other vestiges of power. As an arms manufacturer, the Dominion uses its resources to assemble an arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons, technologies, and other crafts of war. Collectively, all branches of the Dominion remain unified under an enlightened philosophy venerated by its idealistic leadership.

An Active Agenda
What to Expect

Joining the Dominion of the Sun opens many doors to you as a role-player. With so many opportunities to immerse yourself in our unique storylines, you'll never have an excuse to be bored. It's our goal to make you feel a part of our family and keep you entertained no matter what your schedule is.

Are you interested in more than just role-playing? Do you enjoy PVP, PVE, and other game content? You'll be in good company. A large portion of our members consistently run BGs, heroics, casual raids, and arenas. These members are always more than willing to help others through teamwork, coordination, and encouragement.

This is our promise to you: We will make every effort to give you the best experience you can receive on a role-playing server. From our newest members to our oldest veterans, the Dominion of the Sun is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence.

A Call to Arms
The Benefit of RP-PVP

The Dominion of the Sun is an RP-PVP guild, which means we often participate in organized PVP functions that are incorporated into our story as part of the immersion. Joining an RP-PVP guild does not mean you are required to be good at PVP. In fact, participating in these events is completely optional. However, we will strongly encourage you to improve your game and promise to make every effort to help equip your character for battle. You have the power to determine our fate!

In the past, the Dominion has participated in several campaigns with rival Alliance guilds such as the League of Lordaeron, First Regiment, Lineage of the Moon, Thousand Blade Legion, Sha'nash, Mountain Guard, and others. Such events as the Battle of Durotar and Siege of Northwatch Hold are among the highlights of our career on Moon Guard. As always, we will continue to produce these events and leave behind a legacy of epic storytelling.

  • Historical Threads
  • Battle for Durotar: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4175362087
    Siege of Northwatch Hold: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4175362087
    The Feralas Offensive: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5870247306

    Regardless of race or class, members have the opportunity to advance through the ranks of the organization by demonstrating their commitment, creativity, and leadership. These are the three main factors we take into consideration when a member is eligible for promotion. Thus, we've developed the Merit and Commendation System as a way for officers to keep track of a character's progress in the guild.

  • Merits
  • Merits are the points that you will collect in large quantities. Merits are earned through participation, but may be deducted as a form of punishment. If you attend an event but do not participate, you will not receive a merit. Merits are usually exclusive to the character, but in some circumstances you may be eligible to transfer merits from one character to another. This transfer cannot be done frequently and will require permission from officers.

  • Commendations
  • Commendations are stripes of service given to characters who perform important or challenging tasks in a display of leadership. In order to achieve this award, a member may present an idea for an event or other form of creative role-play to an officer. If approved, a commendation may be presented to the character.

  • Sovereign's Medal
  • The Sovereign's Medal is a very prestigious award given to characters who go above and beyond the call of duty. This is only awarded at the Sovereign's discretion and cannot be achieved by procedural means.


  • Index of the Ranking System
  • Sovereign

    The ranks below are listed in ascending order, starting from the first promotional rank and ending with the last.

  • Lightseeker
  • Lightseekers are reliable members of the Dominion who have proven themselves to be competent and loyal. This is the first promotional of the organization.
    --Achieved maximum level.
    --Obtain appropriate role-play gear.
    --Minimum membership of 2 weeks.
    --Achieved 5 merits.

  • Dawnseeker
  • Dawnseeker is the second rank achieved by members. This rank denotes commitment to service and potential for leadership.
    --Minimum membership of 4 weeks.
    --Achieved 15 merits.
    --Achieved 1 commendation.

  • Sunseeker
  • Sunseeker is the top rank given to members. This promotion is awarded to those veterans who have served and represented the Dominion on several projects. They are renowned champions and have earned the respect of their peers.
    --Minimum membership of 6 weeks.
    --Achieved 25 merits.
    --Achieved 3 commendations.

  • Advisor
  • The rank of Advisor is reserved for members who have achieved the rank of Sunseeker and wish to one day become an officer. Held to a higher standard than Sunseekers, Advisors are sub-officers who serve their division leaders as primary assistants, filling in for them at meetings or events whenever necessary.
    --Achieved 40 merits.
    --Achieved 5 commendations.
    --Promotional interview.*

    *The promotional interview is the last requirement for Advisor in which the candidate will go before a panel of officers and make a case for his promotion to sub-officer.

  • Volänaro Ael'aran - Sovereign
  • Volanaro Ael'aran is the head of the Dominion of the Sun. He oversees all aspects of the organization and ensures that it moves forward. His experience as a commander in several theaters of war has given him a significant reputation as a warrior and a leader.

  • Anashae Dawnbringer - Marshal
  • Anashae Dawnbringer is the Dominion's spymistress and surveillance specialist. Her tactical mind and professional demeanor are invaluable to the Dominion's cause. She is extremely loyal to her comrades, but will not hesitate to discipline those who fall out of line.

  • Syrinthia Runekeeper - High Magistrix
  • Syrinthia Runekeeper is a talented magistrix who is leads the research and development projects of the organization. Her spellcrafting is exceptional, but the true value she brings to the Dominion is her ingenuity and resourcefulness.

  • Colius Thalaron - High Chaplain
  • Colius Thalaron once served as the head of the Dominion's clergy, but war and strife have brought about a change in his world views. He now strives to ensure the Dominion's agenda falls in line with the supremacist ideals of the sin'dorei.


    In order to promote efficiency through specialization, the Dominion is separated into different divisions led by directors on the officer core. These divisions are listed on our website, and are essential to the daily activities of the guild. Listed below are a few examples...

  • Security and Enforcement
  • The Security and Enforcement division is the spine of the organization, participating in various military engagements across the globe. Led by Volanaro Ael'aran, this division is responsible for protecting Dominion assets by the use of sword and spell. Formerly a militia, this branch of the Dominion has achieved an impressive battle record and maintains a high standard of discipline.

  • Research and Development
  • The Research and Development division is the brain of the organization, responsible for the invention of new weapons and technologies that will gain the Dominion an edge over their rivals. Led by Syrinthia Runekeeper, this division is composed of some of the brightest minds of Azeroth.

  • Intelligence and Espionage
  • The Intelligence and Espionage division is the eyes and ears of the organization, consisting mostly of those who are keen in the work of scouting, subtlety, and sometimes assassination. Directed by Anashae Dawnbringer, this division is especially elusive and strive to keep their operations from ever coming to light.

    The following thread will describe the process of joining our organization in-depth:


    The online application will be located in the upper right corner of our website. The application itself will take about five to fifteen minutes to complete. If you have any questions regarding the application, don't hesitate to ask an officer for help. The officer listing can be found on the front page of our website.

    It is important to keep in mind that we have some policies regarding who we accept into the guild. Before submitting an application, please consider reading through our recruitment policies. Meeting these requirements does not mean you are guaranteed admission into the guild. When we read your application, we will be looking for factors such as your knowledge of lore, grammar, spelling, attitude, and thoroughness.

  • We do not accept non-role-players.
  • We do not accept players who support or have any affiliation with trolls or griefers.
  • We do not accept high elves or elves with eyes that are not green. The exception is death knights.
  • We do not accept characters with mental illnesses or behavioral issues.
  • We do not accept anyone below level 20 (certain exceptions can be made for alts or recommendations).
  • We do not accept players with non-RP names (Superlock, Awesomecheese, Gnomelover.)

  • Links

  • Our Website
  • http://thedominion.shivtr.com/

  • Recruitment Process
  • http://thedominion.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1276045

  • Rules and Policies
  • http://thedominion.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1213577


  • Campfire Story: http://i.imgur.com/kdGLC.jpg
  • Paratrooping: http://i.imgur.com/tE2Mo.jpg
  • Posing in Silvermoon: http://i.imgur.com/ebKtk.png
  • Exploring Stranglethorn: http://i.imgur.com/cl1Ne.jpg
  • Cooking Dinner: http://i.imgur.com/deIQ9.jpg
  • Standing Proud: http://i.imgur.com/fGynt.jpg
  • Trekking Darkshore: http://i.imgur.com/JcVAx.jpg
  • Promotion Ceremony: http://i.imgur.com/m77Va.jpg
  • Current Projects

  • Ley-Cruiser
  • The Dominion Airship, a project started by the organization one year ago, is an effort to create an aerial vessel that can transport soldiers and supplies safely to and from any location on Azeroth. Unlike the first models developed around the time of the Argent Crusade in Northrend, the Dominion Airship will integrate a complex system of runes and arcane technology.

    More information: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6679368304

  • Arcane-Enhanced Resilient Armor System (AERAS)
  • To supplement a super-soldier project commissioned by a discreet faction within the Horde, the Dominion volunteered to invent an incredibly resilient suit of armor that can withstand harsh elements and deflect most spells. The armor system will rely on several existing fields of research, including arcane forging, enchanting, and engineering.

  • Astrolobe
  • This ancient vessel, salvaged from undersea ruins in Vash'jir, is a cartographic device for the ley-lines woven across the surface of Azeroth. Recently, Dominion researchers have begun to expand its capability to the continent of Pandaria. Ancient text found in the Temple of the Jade Serpent suggests that these ley-lines exist as mythical "Ghost Rivers" of pandaren lore.

  • Mirror Image Replacement Army Generation Emitter (MIRAGE)
  • Using arcane technology, the Dominion has managed to compensate for one of its biggest weaknesses in battle: a lack of numbers. The MIRAGE device is capable of producing spectral clones on a mass scale, making it a perfect tool for bluffing. Unfortunately, the mirror images are fragile and weak, making them a poor replacement for a competent soldier.
    *glances around*

    *first bump* :>
    I love this guild, they've become like an extended family to me. The officers and Tendael are so dedicated to creating new and interesting storylines that everyone can enjoy. This is an amazing guild and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

    For the Dominion and for the Horde!
    And we're off in the new direction
    I love this guild, they've become like an extended family to me. The officers and Tendael are so dedicated to creating new and interesting storylines that everyone can enjoy. This is an amazing guild and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

    For the Dominion and for the Horde!

    ^^^ This. This exactly.
    I love this guild, they've become like an extended family to me. The officers and Tendael are so dedicated to creating new and interesting storylines that everyone can enjoy. This is an amazing guild and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

    For the Dominion and for the Horde!

    ^^^ This. This exactly.

    You haven't even been here that long.
    11/02/2012 11:00 AMPosted by Zaryn
    You haven't even been here that long.

    This only further proves how awesome we are. ;D
    Time matters not, Mimo. Avalissa speaks truth. That and... I hear LOTS of stories from Batman! SO! There.
    The Dominion is a great guild, with allot of fun characteristics! If you enjoy out there RP, with many story lines then this is the guild for you.

    The officers are -very- dedicated, and the Guild Leader cares for nothing but everyone's enjoyment, usually giving up his own.

    There is allot of community within this guild and I would recommend it to anyone.
    Cool bunch of people and ALWAYS something to do with them.
    I've been RPing on MG for about four years now, and this is by far the best guild I've been in. There is always something going on, whether it be scheduled or unscheduled RP, PvP or PvE. The people are amazing, I've made a lot of great friends, and there is a definite absence of drama!

    I'd recommend this guild to anyone who knows or is willing to learn the lore of Warcraft, and wants to RP.
    i am new to the guild. However this guild is kind and sweet and make people welcomed.
    Bumping the thread. <3
    The Disciples of Xuen <3's the Dominion of the Sun

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