[H/RP/PVP] <Dominion of the Sun> Time is Mana

Moon Guard
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Sure you do.
Intelligence suggests a pandaren rogue, known only by Kage-Kama, will begin espionage and sabotage in Quel'thalas soon. Be wary, he is armed and very dangerous. While he is allowed to move freely, the lives of the Sin'dorei are in immediate danger!
ALL of the changes. Bump and a friendly wave. Glad to see things are still blobbing along.
We're on page 2 again, this is shenanigans.
I retold the story of the night Ruvias and I faked a gquit and gave Tendael a vial of the sands after a great prank on him. This is for all the good memories we've had bump
Slacking is starting to happen again

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