[H/RP/PVP] <Dominion of the Sun> Time is Mana

Moon Guard
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Well than Tendael wins because Felthier has no style as he is a Death knight.... His sense of style is smearing different colours of blood all over his armor from victories of his enemies.
You lot appear to be in need of a bump, and I shall provide you with one.
There must be bumps.
Pretty Lady Tessa its Tyte with a name change. Miss you.
What brand of glue do ye all use te hold yer fancy hair in place?
It's not glue. It's the blood of Dorfs.
I use MoGlue - the official hair gel of mogu.
Late night bump
I caught Volanarobro dancing in the Shrine the other day, with glitter in his hair.

For shame!
Morning bumps.
Nice crest on your head there, Padija.
For the good times had tonight.
Second page?! Naup. Da-bump!
So like a bump.
After a long break, our calendar is once more full of events.
Bump before midnight.

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