[A] The Butchers are Recruiting for MOP 4/6

Raid Information (times are Eastern)
Wednesday: 8:00-11:30
Thursday: 8:00-11:30
Raid Size: 10-man (returning to 25-man in MoP)

About Us
Having raided since vanilla and ranging from a hardcore to a casual raid style over the years, we probably fall into the semi-hardcore group at the moment. While we only raid two nights a week, we push to make the most of those nights and see progress.

Currently, we are a 10-man guild, though we intend to move back to the 25-man format (as we were pre-Cataclysm) in Mists of Pandaria. With that change, we will need new recruits to fill core raiding spots. We will consider any skilled, mature player who can attend the majority of our raids for membership. Past accomplishments are a good way to see what you are capable of, but everyone starts somewhere, so don't be shy if your raid experience has been limited to Raid Finder.

All of our members are expected to be mature. This is not a "mature content" warning, but rather a disclaimer that if your behavior warrants such a warning, we are not the guild for you.

We handle all loot on a need-before-greed basis with an emphasis on attendance; no DKP system is used. This has worked for us, as our typical loot debate involves two members insisting that the other should take the item.

Every member is expected to possess a mature attitude and the ability to learn from their mistakes. Members are also expected to come prepared to raids with their own stock of flasks, food, and potions to buff themselves through the night.

While we do try to clear content and see progress, we still maintain a fairly laid back atmosphere in our raids. Many of us are often laughing and joking in Ventrilo, and we welcome conversation as long as it does not detract from performance.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please stop by our forums at www.butchersquad.net. Alternatively, you can speak with any of us in-game (ask for Halleck if you wish to speak to the GM).

druid (balance) high
druid (feral-dd) low
hunter high
mage high
monk (healer) high
paladin (holy) high
priest (dd) medium
shaman (elemental) high
shaman (restoration) high
warlock high

This are our current needs, since we going back into 25 man, any question you can contact me, or halleck, windleaf, nomi :D thanks for reading
I wanted SEC to go 25, too, but the logistics of finding that many raiders just didn't pan out. I do wish you guys the best of luck, though. =)
thanks whiteleaf :), we almost there, we currently have 15 active members, we just need 10 more bodies to complete that :D
back to the top :D! btw we offer cookies :3
back to the top!

We still need few more people to start :)
How many are you up to? I've been trying and trying to recruit, but I'm having the damndest time even getting a consistent 10, let alone 25.
alliance side is tapped out, not many people worth picking up
We could always go the mercenary route and try to bribe Horde guilds to faction-change.
Actually Whiteleaf we have consistent 15 people, that's the reason why we going 25 man, we hate sitting on good people, we have recruited like 3 to 5 people so far, i hope that we are able to start by the next 2 to 3 weeks as a former 25 man guild :D, you are more than welcome to be in our guild >.<
Update on our progression, we are currently 5/6 in Vaults and 1/6 in HoF
My devotion to SEC is unwavering. That said, if we can't get our own raid rolling, I'm betting you a bunch of the people here that actually have the desire and ambition to raid would be willing to do so with you guys cooperatively. The schedule is relatively similar to what we've had/got.

Just fire me an in-game mail and/or post something on the SEC forums.
Whiteleaf this is an EXCELLENT idea!

Let's join forces with The Butchers and allow them/us to tap each others player base to raid 25-man.

We should start actively exploring this as a viable alternative and having chatted with some of the Butchers GM and understanding their team philosophy I think it would jive well with were Security is today as a guild.

The timings are perfect for me and I personally volunteer as an available raider if Security 10-man does not pan out.

Also let's get the message out on our Security forums in terms of a survery and see what our guild mates think?

I mean we get to keep our guilds and we mutually work together to achieve a goal which even some horde guilds cannot accomplish in WoW these days (25-man raids).
Tempting as a cooperative effort may be, I believe hard feelings are all such an effort would yield. Between conflicts over leadership, over roster, over loot, and simple cultural differences (strange as that may sound, I know we have some different behavior expectations than many guilds), it just sounds like drama waiting to happen.

Those are my initial thoughts on the matter, but I will continue to think about it. I know it is a reasonable solution, but we've had negative experiences working with other guilds in the past .
481 Resto druid looking to transfer to a new server. Do you guys need a tree?
we could use a tree/boomkin for our rooster, well another one! are you hugable :3? also apply at butchersquad.net :D
bump, need a few more good ranged dps
Currently In need of
Druid (balance) High
Hunter High
Mage High
Monk( Mistweaver) High
Priest (Shadow) High
Shaman (elemental) High
And Warlock High
Apply at www.butchersquad.net
Bump for Ranged DPS

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