[A] The Butchers are Recruiting for MOP 4/6

Bump. Still need ranged DPS
bump bump bump
Bump, still need ranged DPS
Currently Horde, but looking to make a change with unstable raid times of current guild. Got a website i can check out? and looking for a core group where a spot will be open
Head on over to http://butchersquad.net/
Still recruiting healers and ranged DPS (but all applications are welcome). You can talk to me in game if you don't want to fill out an app.
bump for ranged dps!
bump!... Now 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 in HoF
bump still looking for ranged dps classes =)
As of tonight we are 4/6 in 25man Vaults, We are still currently in need of,
Death Knight (DPS) MED
Druid (Balance) HIGH
Druid (Feral) LOW
Hunter HIGH
Mage LOW
Monk (Mistweaver) HIGH
Monk (Windwalker) MED
Paladin (Holy) MED
Paladin (Retribution) LOW
Priest (Discipline) LOW
Priest (Shadow) LOW
Rogue MED
Shaman (Elemental) HIGH
Shaman (Enhancement) MED
Shaman (Restoration) MED
Warlock HIGH
Warrior (DPS) LOW
if interested please apply at www.butchersquad.net, or feel free to contact Halleck/Windleaf or Nomi in game =)
Congrats on going 4/6. Here's wishing you many more dead bosses in the future.
Thanks whiteleaf =)
Bump, Now 5/6 in Vaults still need DPS
Bump for DPS
Still in need of DPS if interested Please apply at butchersquad.net or talk to Halleck/Windleaf, Cravenn or Nomi in game

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