[H] <Synthesis> 10m 2/6H 5/6N LFM!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
:: About Us ::

Progression: 2/6 - HMSV, 5/6 HoF
Format: 10 man
Realm: Nagrand (PVE) - Group 1 - Jubei'Thos under <Asphyxia>
Horde/Alliance Ratio: 0.78:1
Time Zone: AUS Eastern Time GMT +10)
Website: http://synthesis-nagrand.wowstead.com/

<Synthesis> is a guild formed by a group of raiders who became friends and decided to break off from our previous guild to push progression for T13. We were formed on Jan 19th, 2012 and have been building our core ever since.

In short: Progression based and semi-hardcore. We raid 8 hours a week
(Subject to change) so we expect a lot from every member in order to kill bosses efficiently. If you do not want to raid 16 hours a week but still kill bosses, we might be the guild for you. We do not over recruit and your spot will be a core spot. I am not interested in sitting people out for raids.


:: Recruitment ::

Group 1 - 2/6 HMSV / HoF - 5/6 (Group 1 will be on Jubei'Thos under <Asphyxia>
Looking for a few exceptional players to fill our roster:

1x Holy/Disc Priest
1x Warlock
1x Shadow Priest

Raid times are:
Wednesday, Monday: 8.30pm to 11.00pm (Subject to change)
***All raid times are Server Time (AUS Eastern Time GMT +10)

Contact: Auragasm, Soliloquy or Bobo.


:: Recruitment ::

Group 2 - 6/6 MSV
Looking for exceptional players.

Resto Druid.

Raid times are:
Friday & Sunday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm - Subject to change.
***All raid times are Server Time (AUS Eastern Time GMT +10)

Contact: Lolwutwut, Auragasm. In game

:: Trialling and Loot ::
Trial periods vary with different players and loot is done with Loot Council during progression.

:: Additional Notes ::
Synthesis is looking for exceptional players with the ability to be punctual, focus through progression wipes, have a raid viable offspec and most importantly - armed with thorough knowledge of your own class. We also welcome all casuals to have fun with us in PvE or PvP.

:: Apply to Join ::
Visit us at http://synthesis-nagrand.wowstead.com/ to apply or for more information!
We look forward to playing with you!

:: Contact ::
Battle Tag: ven#1261 - Auragasm - Both groups.
Battle Tag: Dionysus#6964 - Bobo - Group 1.
Battle Tag: lolwutwut69#2474 - Lolwutwut - Group 2.
Good warlocks come at us :(
Dis pear... So delicious...
bump for my kiddos!
Looking for good caster dps!
Would love a warlock for new reset! :)
Bump for 2/6 HoF!
hump bump
^ 1/6H for my babies!

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