Best rogue race for pvp in pandaria?

I was wondering what race is considered the best for a rogue for pvp in mists of pandaria
If you're looking to PvP as a rogue, it doesn't really matter what race you pick, they're all still going to be a rogue, therefore all still going to be terrible at PvP compared to other classes.

Just roll a warrior or frost mage or something if you want to PvP, or a non-priest healer.
If you want a non-cynical, heart-broken response, probably a human. Free trinket and you can use another pvp or pve trinket for damage.
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If you want a non-cynical, heart-broken response, probably a human. Free trinket and you can use another pvp or pve trinket for damage.

LOL sorry. This is correct, Human is the best. Extra PvP power from trinket slot.
So the humans extra trinket out shines the undeads WotF and Touch of the Grave?
Whit vanish in a 3min cd (wtf..), i would go for shadowmeld. You can kidney, cloak, shadowmeld-garrote, etc.
Alliance any race except worgen, horde undead or orc.

Dwarf's extra cloak of shadows is VERY underrated.
Gnomes have an extra root/snare breaker
yeah I do not enjoy this human so I will change to Dwarf this evening! ;) Looks great in leather
If you are on Horde - Undead, Alliance - Human. Human racial is the same as a stun trinket which allows for a proc-chance DPS trinket whereas Undead racial gives you a fear trinket that shares a 30 second CD with your stun trinket.

With all the fear mechanics in PvP nowadays it is a huge benefit to have WoTF. As Undead you also get Touch of the Grave which procs 4-5 times per minute and hits maybe 10-15kish on average and heals for the same amount.

Human racial gives Rogues that little bit more damage and stealth detection as I've heard.
I would say undead for all the fears, but I'm starting to think maybe orc since I tend to die in stuns quite often.
I would go Human or Dwarf. Dwarf has Stoneform that removes bleeds, diseases, and poisons, givin an advantage against warriors, rogues..etc.
ToG out heals my leeching poison!
I'd probably pick Orc. You get burst and reduced stuns. Could pair with reduced stun meta gem for even less stuns, which are really Rogue's biggest enemy.
Fem Nelf

Shadowmeld is an extra Vanish and makes you much harder to control. You also raise the opponents hit cap to 5%, leaving miss on the table for alot of people. You also move a tad bit faster in stealth as a Nelf.

IMO...Stoneform isnt as great as it was since we get 3secs of stealth no matter what with Vanish.

Human...yeah...pretty strong with the extra trinket. If you are gonna focus arena, you should prbly go that route. But if bgs are your thing, Nelf is worth a hard look. Once you get hooked on Smeld, its hard to give it up.
I gotta go with ya on that. Shadowmeld is awesome, BUT... unless you can figure out a way to do it on the run with no DoT's, it kinda loses its usefulness. As far as hit cap goes, yea, thats true also. However, if you're stunned, that won't matter anyway since special abilities are based on expertise and spell hit. Although, those same abilities make Nelf rogues excellent for the pve world just not the best class for pvp. Now one thing i didn't hear out of all the responses for horde I thought I would've heard Troll for their berserk and increased regen abilities. However, I would probably go undead myself.

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