The BOI's are back (even tho' we never left)

Wyrmrest Accord
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The Brotherhood of Iron (B.O.I. or "boys") has been a little too quiet lately, we'll admit to it. So to get things rolling again we've decided to make it known (again) that we are still alive a kickin'.

Who are we? The BoI's are one of the original WrA guilds that was started in the first couple of days of the server's activation. We started out small, grew slowly, and have always tried to get to know each other. We're friendly to all who are friendly to us. We're family friendly as many of us have small children within speaker range.

We are RP-centric, use wowpedia/dwarf for lore, do 5man and guild scenario runs, as well as help each other through a tough spot now and then. We even raided back in Wrath before RL clashed with Cata. Ten dwarfs standing over a fallen boss makes for an epic image, one that could be duplicated with a MoP boss should we find a high interest among our members.

We accept only dwarfs be they Bronzebeard, Wildhammer, or Dark Iron. Dwarven monks are highly encouraged to seek us out.

Our Foundation; The BoI's are an irregular militia that has banded together to defend the lands of Khaz Modan, all good kin of the Earthen, as well as any outposts or dig sites under our control.

Background; The guild started out small as we were originally made up of veterans of the Second War tho' we have grown with the addition of our Wildhammer and Dark Iron cousins. This was brought about by the Council of the Three Hammers asking the BOIs to be the "test" to ascertain whether a small group formed for the purpose of defending all of Khaz Modan, including the lands of the new members, could learn to work together or whether they would be at each others throats.

The nature of the guild is an irregular militia that gets all the left over assignments; guarding resupply convoys, escorting envoys to their new posts, patrolling the passes, moping up after the battle, cleaning out threats of all kinds, scouting the borders or any other dull, boring mission one could think of. But what we do we excel at; We pride ourselves for getting the job done. No loss of any supplies, no envoys under our care assassinated, no Horde incursions when we watched the passes, no stray enemies left wandering about to threaten anyone, coming back with accurate numbers or what ever was asked of us.

If you're looking to be the High Priest Thane Overlord of Ironforge this ain't the guild that you're looking for. If you just want to play a hard-nosed, blue collar, gritty, get-the-job done dwarf then we might be what you're looking for. It may not win you any high praise from the Three Thanes themselves but you'll always find a hearty hello, a friendly face and a full mug when we meet up.

For more information please pst me, Adalbjorg, or any officer who's on line or go to;

Morashtak Hearthstove of Thelsamar
BUMP for good people. I am not deep into role playing at this time due to raiding obligations on my main character. However, I remember you guys being awesome company so expect to hear from me when I get around to leveling this character.
Bump because dwarf.
Bump to see you guys alive and kickin!
Bumping this up~ I'm happy to say even though we haven't been lively in the forums Dwarves have still been managing to find us. (With or without the help of the Guild finder tool. ;) )
The Brotherhood of Iron has been a part of Wyrmrest Accord for as long as this server has been around. Longevity like that is no accident.

If you have a dwarf, you should go talk to them. You really should.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Aw, thank you Forbs! It's good to know the gnomes have our backs!
This character will eventually 1. Be on WRA 2. Be a dwarf, so I am INCREDIBLY excited to see this. Expect an application when I have money to afford the transfer/recustomization shenanigans.
D'aw! I'm excited to see you sometime! And no application required! Hell, our guild site isn't a required join but we encourage folks to play with the tools available!
Aw, thank you Lyeli! I love mousing over the gnomes of Ironforge and seeing them running around with your guild tag! Forbs has definitely been doing all the right things to have built up such a great group!
Good bunch of rpers and held some great events in the past. Glad that you are "back" so to speak.
Thank you! I hope to see you and your crew around! Have you met many CRZ Dwarves in Aerie Peak?
Not too many though a few here and their.
Beards do not define the Dwarf but a beardless Dwarf will be mocked viciously. It's a tough Dwarf truth.
Bumping up the thread! It's almost Thanksgiving in America! Yay! Real-life feasting!
That turban is eating Ada's face! Watch out, it's developed a taste for dwarf flesh.

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