The BOI's are back (even tho' we never left)

Wyrmrest Accord
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One of my favorite alliance guilds, even if I left because I just don't play my dwarf enough. You guys are awesome!
Thank you! As long as you are enjoying the game it doesn't matter what form you take!
Heyo folks! Hope your start to the weekend is a good one!
By me own beard... ye sold me laddy. Where might I be signin up?

Erm, wait a minute......

Beard Bump.
Haha, we love ya Khaz.
And thanks for the bump Obmi!
No problem Adalbjorg. I'm glad to see you guys back and more active! Someone needs to carry the WA dwarf banner!

Now if we can track down Balrik, Arsun, Moordin and the Bouldershoulders? I miss playing BGs with them.

My dwarf guild <The Iron Guard>/<The Mountain Guard> was moving along fine then all of a sudden about a month out from the expansion release four players quit WoW and many others either stopped playing or disappeared.

As I looked around it seemed this fall off in activity happened to many of us :(
The Bouldershoulder Brigade taught Horde true fear. Of the Dwarves at least. And the fall of activity wasn't restricted to a good few. :<
Do any of your members ever do pvp? Battlegrounds, etc? Or even run an arena team or two?
12/02/2012 07:40 PMPosted by Obmi
Do any of your members ever do pvp? Battlegrounds, etc? Or even run an arena team or two?

Azidren (hunter) and Modarin (pally) hop in once in a while. Seems I've seen a few lower levels in there too.

Send Adal or me an in-game mail to remind us and we'll ask around.

(yeah, I should too now that rep is all but max'd. Prob hop in as a crit tank.)
I'm looking for some dwarves to pvp with ... also to run some dungeons too. This expansion pvp is so out of whack I'm willing to test the pve waters ;) ... but I like to do it with fellow dwarves.
Dwarven dungeons! AWAY~
I'm up for PvP and raiding as long as it's not with random groups. Baaad experiences.

I didn't mean to disappear last night. Apparently I forgot to plug in my laptop, and the battery died.
Your poor battery needed electric noms. :<
More bumpage for the best group of dwarves to ever dwarf! I have many fond memories from when I was a member myself (under a different name and face).

Hope to see you around more!
Here's to the best bunch of stout-drinkers and stout-hearts I know. I really should hang out with you guys more (If you'd honor my company!). If you have any boys in the Explorer's League, we'd get along right well.
We'd love your company! We'd take anyone who'll pay the tab.

Thanks for the bumps all!
Hello everyone! Is Winter treating you kindly or mauling your face?
Bump cause I like tae bump and cause Adal is a fine dwarf lady
Here's a bump for a bunch of magnificent beards!

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