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Hello, I have had this toon as a pandaren shaman since I paid for a faction/realm transfer on 10/9. The transaction wasn't actually processed until 24 hours later, but I digress.

If I click on this toon right now to take me to her armory page, it tells me the character is too low level to view. At first I thought the problem was with my mobile armory app, where it shows Maesie as a Level 1 Rogue around 75% of the time, but I see now that the problem is with my toon and not just with the app.

If it helps, the transaction for my realm/faction transfer also does not show on my account transaction history.

The Level 1 Rogue was probably a placeholder for the name Maesie that I had before the transfer took place. It seems that the armory keeps reverting Maesie back to what she was before the transaction. Does that make sense? I'm not sure if that's the case but something strange is definitely going on.

If the armory corrects itself (as it sometimes does) by the time you read this thread, please don't think I'm crazy. Like I said, the armory is incorrect about 75% of the time.
Hi - my armory seems to be working at this moment, but just an hour ago it was not. Still hoping I can get some resolution. Thanks.
It is currently not working again. Hovering over the tooltip once again shows "Maesie, 0 Goblin Rogue, Hyjal".

I have had a 7 part conversation going with CSRs on a trouble ticket for this issue and I'm getting very frustrated. It seems that they are not trying at all to help me with my problem and making obviously incorrect excuses, saying things like my character being under level 10 is the issue and that I have to level her in order to see her in the armory, or that my armory isn't working correctly because the realms are down.

A simple look into my account would have shown that my toon is NOT below level 10 - she is a level 90 Pandaren Shaman, and that I have been having these problems for weeks, not just today. In fact, the last CSR to respond knows that the maintenance isn't the issue, because he is the one who told me I needed to level my toon yesterday when the realms were fine.

I know that they are busy and have a lot of tickets to answer, but I have never felt so brushed off by a customer service team. I've always had such good customer service from Blizzard. I'm really hoping that if they can't help me, you guys can.
Any luck? My situation is the exact same as yours. But from my experience it ALWAYS shows me as a level 1 shaman.

It's very annoying.
I can see both of your characters at the moment, so it looks like the issue has been resolved to a certain extent. If it's still not working for you, maybe you're pulling old data? Try clearing your cache and cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL in most browsers) and see if that helps.

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