[A] Wiping is for Bathrooms is Back...Sort of

Shattered Hand
Hello all,

Wiping is for Bathrooms is trying to start up again. We are in the process of finding out whose Alt is in charge of the guild in order to obtain the guild back to its former glory. A few of us are back and ready to raid and we are looking for a couple last spots to fill our first 10-Man group. After the first 10-Man group is filled and raiding we intend to get a second going until we have enough competent people to raid 25-Man.

As of now, we are looking for an OT and a Healer/DPS class.

Please send either myself or Terrinn an in game message or leave a comment on here.

Note: You must pass Terrinn's humiliation test in order to raid.
My humiliation test is for you to not laugh at how bad my DPS is.
Most creative guild name I've heard yet. ( for the circumstances under the direction you're taking the guild).

The Best.
Close second for me with the name. My all time favorite was Exalted with McDonald's.
Sounds like the best guild ever.
12/20/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Jessykinz
Would you be interested in a joint guild 10 or 25 man run with DOTB? We have many classes and specs who are highly interested in raiding. We are 4/6 MSV 10.

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