what's the best spec for human warlock?

I've just start playing wow. And i wonder what's the best spec for human warlock?
From what I have gathered a lot of people like destruction. I leveled as demonology and affliction up to 80 then switched to destruction until 85 which is where my lock currently resides. Things have changed greatly since many of us leveled at low levels. Overall I would venture to say as a first time player, demonology may not be a bad choice as it buffs your pets specifically void walker for now and later on the fel guard which allows them to hold better threat.

The race you choose does not in my experience influence the spec in any major way. What I mean is, saying human does not make a difference in how it plays. The racial abilities are intended to have only a very small impact on gameplay.

I hope this helps.
There aren't any racials that would provide a unique bonus to a Human Warlock as a specific spec, so you can pretty much just look at the most popular specs for Warlocks in general.
now if you were an orc or a troll this would be an interesting question.

alliance locks are pretty much the same... (gnomes are cuter)

but! you are on the right track! keep asking questions! we're happy to help
What I'm about to say will apply to most classes:

Play whatever you think is most awesome.
For the overall fact that it has no ramp up until damage is delivered, I would go with Destro to start. When you get to 80, take a look at the threads on here on each individual spec and then decide what you want to do. Up until then, I like Destro....but as Kymi said, play what you like :). What feels good to me may not feel good to you.
No not destruction! Demonology is master race!

Demonology isn't better for humans, it's just the most fun spec.
Personally, I love demonology. With Dark Apothesis, I actually rarely ever had to take out my voidwalker/voidlord until MoP stuff, and I never really had an issue of taking too much damage. It's nice for someone just going around and learning the ropes.

I saw a level 10 popping metamorphosis, how they learn it so young these days baffles me.

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