Rate that Xmog and name above you.

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Shoulder's don't match
Ugly sword
Tabard doesn't match
Cloak doesn't match
Boots don't match
Gloves don't match
Male Blood Elf

Using the name generator is very unoriginal.
I like this outfit. Looks really good on a Tauren.

Name doesn't sound like a Tauren name to me.
your colours match well, good stuff putting it together.


X/X name seems fine lel

Transmog- 7/10 kind of blood knight ish but could use some tweaking
Name- not going to rate names, as long as the user likes it

my mog is still being tweaked, looking for a better weapon
also have the full purple recolored judgement set i use

8.5/10 Everything about you shouts classic Paladin, love it. And I agree, you weapon is a let down, would love to see something that matches far better. Love the way you blended those two great sets.

Unoriginal 7/10- your axe is the only redeeming quality.
@ Gaettusk


Helm is a perfect style match to your PvP items. The blue is a little off, but meh. The Ulduar shield looks great, and you managed to find an old-world weapon that is done in that style. Well done. The golds in particular mesh well.

Name is great, very original.

Go easy on me. I realize I'm not the king of originality.
@ Ingsoc


For not being the king of originality, I think your set comes together quite well, and I love the classic Suneater (which was an awful tanking weapon for paladins at the time but had that fantastic Hellreaver texture) and use of the Skullflame Shield (the ORIGINAL troll item link for /Trade before that poser Thunderfury came along). I only dinged you a bit because while the pieces come together nicely, that blend of red/gold makes me think "Blood Knight" instead of "Sunwalker," and that helm model looks a little flat to me, like your Tauren is missing his muzzle.

As for the name, good 1984 reference, and obscure enough that I suppose it *could* be a Tauren word. Is it supposed to be a comment on Tauren/Horde communal ideals?

8.5/10 for your mog I like the originality, and the minimalist nature of it.


Last seasons gear looked nice. Your tabard doesn't really match though.

You have armageddon though so it's ok.
I'm not sure just rating the mog above you is enough because you are only getting feedback form 1 person, so here are the last 3...

@ Dartail
7/10 This is a dark (evil looking) set for paladins, I think I like what you are working on but not all of the pieces and colors go together. It seems like you have a lot of pieces but I can't tell what is the main look you are working with.

10/10 Again like Dartail this is a dark set but everything flows better and the weapon is the perfect addition to the set. Also your name is great not sure if it's a throwback to Zelda or not but I like it

@ Leoma
9/10 for pure simplicity. Your armor and weapons all look great together. It makes you look like a piece of an army as opposed to being the general which is what most of us look like as we work on our epic tranmog sets.
Can't post from my main paladin's account, but I have a picture of my Transmog gear here


@Relanor Not very paladinish, but it has a really nice dark theme to it. I kind of like it 7/10
Can't post from my main paladin's account, but I have a picture of my Transmog gear here


@Relanor Not very paladinish, but it has a really nice dark theme to it. I kind of like it 7/10


It really doesn't match, but I think I see where you wanted to go with it. The mace and shield are pretty unique. 6/10

Your paladin's name isn't displayed, but I will give you a 10/10 for name. That's the facts, Jack.
8/10 on the mog, i think it really fits a dwarfadin
8/10 on the name, guild name fits very well

9/10 on the mog, one of my favorite classic looks for a paladin
9/10 on name also
@ Erethor
7/10 for the xmog, the boots and legs dont really match that well but the rest looks good
8/10 for the name, sounds kinda paladin like
@Dunblane 10/10 xmog
10/10 name
@ Medrin

TRANSMOG 3/10 Your weapon/shield don't match each other or your gear. Your tab is out of place and nothing on your set really matches other tha some mild connection between your helm and shoulders. Sorry I don't like to be negative but you might to work on it some more.

NAME 7/10 not an especially pally name but also not bad.

Edit: try viewing mine on figure prints. My main reason for the small shied is when it's sitting on my back is doesn't have huge conflict with my shoulder/helmet wings.

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