Rate that Xmog and name above you.

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9/10 wish I could see the helm

Name 10/10 Sounds like a king Aurther' s round table knights name.

transmog 8/10 i like the set, sword is a bit plain for my taste though

name 7/10 kinda funny but the fact that you had to mispel knight makes me think someone else had that name which leads me to believe it might be a bit unoriginal

Your breastplate and gauntlets are rather disjointed as opposed to the overall green/dark style i guess.
yeah still working on it just kinda threw somethings together i had mingling in my bank
11/25/2012 06:33 AMPosted by Razumihin
yeah still working on it just kinda threw somethings together i had mingling in my bank

I like it, but it needs more red!

Still cool looking though!
9/10 transmog, nice match but not a big fan of all the red.
8/10 name

Name 8/10, creative and fits blood elf

Mog 3/10, not a fan of the warrior look (especially on a blood elf) and there are much cooler warrior type sets.
Nearly nothing matches, terrible tabard and weapon choices and worst of all, helmet is hidden.

2/10 name, pop culture references are never funny or original.
Your opinion is wrong, and it made me laugh.
0/10 mog, pvp sets are terrible overused and unoriginal. Plus your main hand and your shield don't go with wrathful glads, definitely a fail.

0/10 name because you're a tauren and tauren should have names like retbull because it would match your horribly unoriginal xmog set and most other 12 yearolds would think it's funny.
Don't worry about Karova he's just a troll. best to just ignore him like the rest of us do.

5/10 for the transmog. tabard is awesome but doesn't go with any of the armor weapon doesn't match and the top half doesn't have anything in common color palette wise with the bottom.

4/10 for the name not very blood elf or paladin oriented
I'm not trolling, I genuinely think that everyone's mog here is terrible and uninspired.

Yours included.
I'm not trolling, I genuinely think that everyone's mog here is terrible and uninspired.

Yours included.

I assume that includes yours?
Not sure why you'd think that, mine is perfect in every way imaginable.
Ignoring Karova...


Xmog: 10/10 It's almost the exact same as I was planning for my ret. The crystalforge and Shaarde the Greater in particular.

Name: 5/10 Not very originally, or satisfying, but not bad either.


Xmog: 6/10 I find it a bit lacking. The upper legs showing is kind of out of place, especially for a paladin; and your sword doesn't match the set. Has a lot of potential with a few changes.

Name: 9/10 Think it's a good name. Feels Paladinish to me.

As of this post, I do not have the right tabard on (have the panda one on for gaining rep); I still need the Tier 6 boots, the shoes I have on look silly; and I need a good mace + shield combo! If anyone has one that looks good and is ubtainable, feel free to let me know.

Currently, I rate myself as:

Xmog: 6/10. Replace the boots, 7/10. Get a good mace/shield combo 9/10

Name: 9/10. Love the meaning behind it.

Not digging the mix between primary colors in your set. Maybe without the tabard it would all look a bit more cohesive. (I know you don't want that tabard right now, but I guess I have to judge what I see at the moment.)

Name (gotta rate the name as well?): 5/10
I'm guessing you're going for "light" as the root word for the name (Lucem-). Paladin-ish, I guess, but not very original.

I'm going for a golden set that fits MoP's art style. I personally think gold should be our class color, not pink, but whatever.
The name is a mix between Athena (Paladins remind me of Saint Seiya) and atheist, since Blood Knights, originally, weren't so much 'servants of the Light' and not necessarily religious or spiritual as traditional paladins.
8/10 for mog..7/10 for name, it looks like ethan to me with an A in front

remogged to something more holy looking

I know some people hate names with alt characters, but all my toons are of a certain theme (Xerxes,Zeus,Dionysus,Hades,Aphrodite,Athena) and on full servers GL getting the name you want without tweaking it with alt characters.
@Dìonysus 09/10

Really cool
@Dìonysus 09/10

Really cool

Boisol, 5/10. Not sure that helmet is a good choice for that transmog. Your name is somewhat tauren appropriate though.
^ 5/10

Lightbringer is a great set but way too common.

Also, that Tabard doesn't match, you're better off just not using one.

I love gold and white motifs for Paladin (Justicar being one of my favorites) and the Hammer of the Naaru is the quintessential weapon for any Draenei Ret. The only point off was that the Beholder Eye felt out of place, unless there's some reference I'm missing.
@Roahin - 9/10, You are so... GOLDEN, it hurts my eyes :P

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