Trying to finish "slum it in the summit"

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I have been all over the forums and cant find any real answers about why you get to a point and there are no more quests.I have all of Loremaster of Pandaria but "slum it in the summit" and all i need there is "the Thunder King" and Zouchin Village" i cant find quests anywhere?? After I lvl'ed to 90 i did faction change...but I had this same issue before i did.Anyone have any thoughts?
I believe that particular one starts from a breadcrumb quest in One Keg where you have to escort a cart up the mountain.
I would say just fly around and keep looking. I finished it without any gaps in the quests on 2 different characters, so you must just be missing something.

Don't just look in the hub areas, check everywhere... along the roads, off the roads, just everywhere.

Edit: Nope Gorkag is right, I"m wrong. You're probably just missing the cart escort thing. Just look on your map and you can see where the cart is (outside One Keg)... It's a group of guys you have to escort to the next area.
check out the comment section it has a real nice tree of which quests to get.
can anyone help me with this I finished the quest an end to everything but after i turned in the quest the tonge dissappeared and so did cho leaving me hanging. I don't know where to go next because it didn't give me another quest. Do I go back to the area that I first saw him or not
You may want to check in a hut next to uncle cloverleaf if you haven't gotten the quest comin round the mountain because there is a guy named JiLu in a hut that gives you the quest they stole my luck that will lead you to the first quest I mentioned. I'm having issues with this area also. I got that info from 2 different gm's.
This thread is quite dated Deepin. I doubt the op is checking it anymore. In the future, make a new thread so the information will be current.

Try using Quest Completest to see what quests you missed.

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