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Cookie Monsters is a 10 man guild that prides itself on excellence and execution, while still maintaining a highly social and fun atmosphere. We are a group of close friends that have been playing together for the past 4 years, and we don't have to recruit to often. We pride ourselves on progression and hard work, without having to make WoW our second career.

Current needs: We are currently opening up recruitment for 1 healer. It's a bonus if you can play an off spec that can DPS as well.

1x Holy Paladin
1x Resto Shaman
1x Healer Priest

During Cata our members have achieved the following: (all during relevant time)

- Firelords
- Dragonslayers
- Of the Four Winds
- Blackwing's Bane
- Glory of the Cat raider (T11 drakes)
- Glory of the FL raider (T12 drakes)

During WoTLK our members have achieved the following:

- Obsidian Slayers
- Conquerors of Naxxramas
- The Magic Seekers
- The Celestial Defenders
- Death's Demise
- The Grand Crusaders
- 12/12 Heroic ICC
- 1/1 Heroic Halion

We are looking for competent/clever players that know how to play their class without having to have their hand held. And ideal candidate would be any individual that can play their role without making mistakes, but also be comfortable doing anything assigned. We are not looking for individuals with an elitist attitude. Everyone on the roster is expected to put adequate effort into researching fights, and being able to adjust on the fly. Aside from having a mental edge on progression, it is also a given that all players come fully prepared physically as well (consumables, pots/flasks, and or anything to improve performance). We were consistently the top 10 man raiding guild on our server during Cata, but have been of to a slower start this expansion while we are trying to finalize our roster.

Our raid times are:

Tuesday: 8:00-11:00 CST
Wednesday: 8:00-11:00 CST
Sunday: 8:00-11:00 CST

The more experience you have prior to MoP, the better it is. bother applying if you aren't fully gemmed/enchanted and able to show us that you are the type of player we are looking for.

To apply : Register on our forums at : http://redefine.guildomatic.com/forums. DO NOT HIT THE APPLY to Cookie Monsters link at the top, you just need to go the to the APPLY HERE Forum and fill out an application template and post it. Or, contact Sypie or Seleyzor in game.
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Oh hey
Oh hello.
Still looking for 1 healer!!
11/13/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Sypie
Still looking for 1 healer!!
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Seley wants more people to make green bars go up.
Still looking for a resto shaman, holy paladin, healer priest. Send me an in game whisper or visit our site!
Void is bad.
11/27/2012 10:13 PMPosted by Sypie
Void is bad.

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