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Guild Recruitment
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Solace Reclamation of US-Cairne is looking to recruit dedicated members for our raid team. We are looking for players that want to achieve server firsts as well as know their class inside and out. We recently reformed phasing out some of our casual members. Currently we raid 2 nights looking to make it 3 and would like to push progression in as little time as possible. We are looking for people that are dedicated and want to push content quickly with low downtime and a determined mindset.

Please have parses at hand when applying.


We are a dedicated group with many of our group being long time raiders from server firsts and top 50 world. A few of us have been gone from the raiding scene and some are full heroic clearing players from Cata. We're a no drama group. We're a serious not so serious group that enjoys having fun and not wasting time during fights. Our server is currently open for the taking in the area of server firsts and although raiding very casually at two nights a week we were only just behind while still getting a few server first kills in MOP so far. We feel that we are capable of maintaining server first with another night of raiding.

(Times subject to change but Tuesday-Wednesday will be consistent nights + a 3rd night)
Currently we raid Tuesday-Wednesday from 7:00 EST - 10:30 EST (sometimes later)

Active Recruitment Needs:


If you feel that you are the type of player we're looking for please contact us even if your class is not actively being recruited as we are always looking for good players.

Please add Tele#1176, Hasselhoof#1458, and naturegasp#1923 if you would like to contact us or log on to US-Cairne and message Norayuki, Hasselhoof, and Unholymight in game. Thank you
Still looking.
Why is my gear not updated?
Looking for serious players.
Please have parses ready.
Waiting for Galleon is not fun.
Still looking
Up for people wiping us with 3 mins on enrage sub 40% Wind Lord and double bombing us. We need not dumb people!!
Moving fast
Still looking
Going to run errands

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