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Finally! Finally, we are going to do something about Oceanic realms not having a role playing realm.

From extensive and probably quite irrelevant research I have deducted that Gundrak is the least populated server followed by a close Dreadmaul, this is where I plan to base a small role playing community. We will hopefully start by creating a guild or two on the Alliance side, say a tavern and a military styled guild just to see how many people would be interested. If that kicks off we can start getting more RP hubs, Duskwood, Red Ridge, Booty Bay, Ratchet, Northrend etc. Horde side RP and more RP guilds. It will run just like a United States RP realm would!

Many Australian RP'ers play on one of the great trinity realms (Moonguard, Wyrmrest Accord, Cenarion Circle.) But lose a lot of game time because of the time zone switch. Are you one of those people? Then this realm is for you.

If this thread gets enough support I can arrange a small meeting time, whether in game or over Skype or something to discuss any details.

Of course there are some problems:

-The current players on the realm may not want us there, for this we will have to find a compromise.
-The second and last problem I can think of off the top of my head is getting this heard about, bringing the Aussie's from the United States realms back home.

Please leave any feedback and constructive criticism as you please. Thankyou :)

-11/11/12- Lest We Forget

I will be promoting this on Cenarion Circle and Wyrmrest Accord massively on Saturday.

-There will be an OOC channel put up on Saurfang so that we can discuss ideas for anyone that is interested, this will probably be made on the same Saturday. Whenever it happens it will be posted here.


-The server has been chosen. The server will be Saurfang. This is a PvE server as requested. Currently I have an alliance alt on there being leveled, I will create a guild as more people get around and will start discussing small details.

-I have created an OOC channel where we can chat without the hassle of being trolled. Trading is allowed in this channel as is guild advertising, think of it as a general for us roleplayers. However I think it would be better if only RP guilds were advertised and that we didn't spam it. To join type: /join OOCAlliance
Currently there is only an Alliance channel but with more people I will have a Horde one created as well.

-My real ID is CorvoAttano#6708 please add me and ask any questions that you feel would be better answered personally or need to be checked out in game.

-I ran out of time this weekend and couldn't do much promoting on the two servers so I will be doing it this Friday and Saturday coming.

-The guild I'll be creating is a tavern guild, this is an easy start where everyone can come along and build there characters. I'll be looking for easy-going barmaids/men who can chat and serve drinks. The tavern will be based in Stormwind and possibly Booty Bay because I think it has a better atmosphere but I don't know.


-Cerayn and myself have created the tavern guild, it will either be based in Thelsamar for now and may move out to Booty Bay, as mentioned above.

-From now on I'll be posting as Rubon, a worgen hunter as this is my Saurfang character.

-I'm still keen to answer any questions you may have, so add my ID and ask away. :) CorvoAttano#6708


-OK! The guild charter has been bought and I'm looking for signatures, if you want to be one of the first roleplayers on this soon to be great server, add me in game and I'll seek your character out to get the signature.

-There is a really nice tavern in Theselmar which I'm thinking of using, easy to get to and nice location and whats-more it's out of the way of mass traffic.

-Mass advertising starts today.


-Anyone have ideas on the name of the tavern guild? I have 'The Wanderers Tavern' so far but I'm not really liking it because of the lack of apostrophe.


-Hello again everyone :) The name of the tavern will be The Greentail Tavern, as suggested by Raineii. The guild I'm creating has been named that and I'm now looking for members to sign the charter and get it up and running. The first event will most likely be running at 10:30 AM server time. Any queries let me know :)


-I'm sorry guys but I think I'll have to call the event off, things have popped up in real life and I don't think we'll have the numbers to host it successfully. I will be planning a new one and will probably have a Christmas party (Bring and share.) :) Express interest and I'll start setting dates.

-2/12/12- The End Is Nigh! ;)

Well, I'm a little bored so I decided I would chuck a few role play ideas up. These in no way are to be taken as a 'must happen' kind if thing, they are merely ideas that people could take on.

Duke of Redridge I had a variation of this on my last server, lead by a paladin and his guild trying to stop the evils of Duskwood and clean it off its foul taint. However one person and their band of evil doers stood in his way, they were...

The Minister/'Ministress' of Duskwood They wanted Redridge so they could have a closer base to Stormwind so they could cause more havoc, for the blunt reason of wanting to kill people and so that they could plunge the world into darkness.

The Mysterious Controller This is an idea I came up with for a massive plot twist. This person is employing the Duke and Minister/Ministress and feeding information to one another to destroy each other so that The Controller can come through, clean up and take both pieces of land with no fuss. Her reasons and ways of accomplishing her goal are free topic. Neither the Duke or Minister/Ministress knows the Controller in person neither do they know that The Controller has been in contact with both of them.

The Lion's Front A large group of elite Stormwind guard that keep check on the city and are allied with the the Duke. This presents RP in a majority of ways, one: By hunting the Minister/Ministress and later The Controller. 2: By protecting Stormwind, And possibly even fighting against the...

The Hound Face Gang Post count reached. Comment if I should list more, I have a lot more ideas that I think you'll like, I'll probably post them anyway;)
I have some Horde toons on Gundrak and tbh, a little bit of colour from an RP community would be fantastic!

The economy there is rather poo so you may like to transfer a laden toon over, but that's something for you to investigate.

I'd pop an advert in the Guild Recruitment forums both Oceanic and US if you haven't already done so and perhaps consider some 3rd party RP websites.

Kudos for taking the initiative.

Keep us posted!
I played abit on dreadmaul horde and it was a pretty laid back realm. Thats after alot of the progression guilds had left though.
11/13/2012 02:18 AMPosted by Abînadi
I played abit on dreadmaul horde and it was a pretty laid back realm. Thats after alot of the progression guilds had left though.

Would you happen to know if there are lots of progression guilds left? If not then that might be a better option than Gundrak.
Gundrak and Dreadmaul are the two lowest realms in raid progression atm. I only played there for awhile on one character but i know they have a decent economy and a fair few levelling/social guilds there.
Thank you :) That is quite a big help actually.
I play on gundrak

you guys will get trolled to hell and back
I play on gundrak

you guys will get trolled to hell and back

Ok, I've noted this, does anyone play on Dreadmaul and know if RP will be rejected?

I think we may all just have to bite the rag and ignore it, eventually people will get over it.
Another upside is that all the taverns are going to be pretty empty, they're useless for anything apart from RP so that leaves a lot of room for us to move around.

Guilds claiming subzones such as houses or inns is something we could consider, a lot of people want to do it but there is already 40 billion that also want to do it, with the start of a new RP server we could have almost full control over making a fully functioning RP community.
Unless your all level 90 and can defend yourselves, I think using either of those realms is a bad idea. They're both PVP.

Whether you're there to RP or not, if the opposing faction notice that you congregate in a similar area at regular times, you can expect players from the opposite faction to regularly turn up and cause trouble for the heck of it.

You can ignore trolling but players from the opposing faction will be free to attack and kill your players at will, which would in some ways impact upon your RPing abilities/quality.

I would strongly suggest a PVE realm to start with, unless/until you are prepared for level 90 players to constantly gank your lower level members.
I would love to have an oceanic RP realm but i'm not gonna fork out the $$ for server transfer lightly

All my oceanic characters are spread over Gundrak and Dreadmaul and while decentish realms there would be a ton of trolling and i think that's fair enough people rolled on those realms because they where pvp realms . If heaps of pvpers decided to roll on my RP realm i would be upset so the same principal should apply on the reverse.

The only problem with being on a US listed realm is obviously the time zones but its not really a massive problem with plenty of people that play later at night and other oceanic people on them also .The ability to do things cross realm as well really makes it fairly easy to play on a us server
One of the main issues you have to deal with now on any server is CRZ. Pretty sure they didn't even account for RPers when they brought that in. Dreadmaul isn't that bad but they are in CRZ with all the other oceanic pvp servers so that would be very hard for any RP activities.
Hmmm, Delaina you raise a good point. I'll have to think about this a bit more.

Unica... that's also a good point and one I took into consideration, firstly I wouldn't expect people to transfer immediately just maybe make a new toon to experiment with at first. Yes, the problem with over population of RP'ers could be quite a problem, staying out of their way (As I mentioned above, staying to taverns and inns.) But then there is the bigger problem of over population but frankly I don't think that's going to be a big deal, this project, if I'm lucky may get a few hundred members. Who knows if it gets to crowded maybe Blizz will make us a new server... ;)

Abinadi, you'll have to tell me what CRZ is.

And lastly, Significant. That information is really helpful but it pains me that the population between lowest PvP and lowest PvE realm is so large. I'll think about this and see how I could work around it.

Does anyone know what the cap on a realm is before you start getting que times?

Much appreciated guys, keep it coming :)
CRZ is the new Cross Realm Zones feature. From what i can tell all the oceanic PVE realms are grouped together for this predominantly and all the pvp servers are grouped together. So basically if you are on an oceanic pvp realm and out in parts of Azeroth that are included in the CRZ, then you will be able to interact with people from all the other oceanic pvp servers in those particular zones.
11/15/2012 12:49 AMPosted by Abînadi
CRZ is the new Cross Realm Zones feature. From what i can tell all the oceanic PVE realms are grouped together for this predominantly and all the pvp servers are grouped together. So basically if you are on an oceanic pvp realm and out in parts of Azeroth that are included in the CRZ, then you will be able to interact with people from all the other oceanic pvp servers in those particular zones.

Right, yes that could also be a problem. I think finding a quaint PvE server is the way to go then. Thank you :)
Sounds pretty neat. I play on servers like MG and WrA but itd be nice to have a server to rp on with the proper timezones and such
Ohh I would love that..I am an rp player only no PvP I would love to play closer to my time zones
Would love to RP on the oceanic server. Always wanted to RP but never wanted to play on a US server with the timezones and all that. But yeah would prefer to do it on a PvE server.

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