Sexy Rogue Transmog

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Anyone got anything? Namely cause I have a big thing for well endowed scantily clad elven and worgen women
Warbear woolies. Definitely the warbear woolies.
11/13/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Suboptimal
Warbear woolies. Definitely the warbear woolies.

Those for pants and harnesses for the chestpiece are about the only really scant leather pieces I can think of. There are a few others that look like them.
I don't think there's much for people who don't like fur...
Warbear woolies + Bandit boots

Who could have guessed...
<--- sexy as a rogue can get.
<--- sexy as a rogue can get.

Rogues should never be shown wearing capes. Never. Ever.
haha agree.

My pvp set is the green druid set out of the cata troll heroics..I forget it's name however.
What has two thumbs and has the best xmog?

<---- This guy!
Nice. has Originality and it does match your tabard. extra points for that. nicely thought out.
need servers to come up so I can finally get back to my set. having trouble with matching shoulders and helm though
Get a hat and never look back!


<--- sexy as a rogue can get.

mm gurl

edit: my quotes are working now. :/
You're a dog.

Get a !@#$ing race change before trying to look good.

Bam! Don't mess around.
Doesn't my title work perfectly also?

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