Trouble with the My Role-Play Add on?

Moon Guard
The My Roleplay add-on mysteriously vanished from my WOW and wont reappear, even when installed and uninstalled. Anyone have a solution?
You using a new OS?
Windows Vista has it installed under "Users" and in the game directory.
Windows 7 doesn't, uses the old Windows program directory and filed under the usual folder for Interface/addons.
Windows 8 ???? No clue, never touched it.
I kidnapped it. 100k for it back.

You have two days or you'll never see it again!
I've got the same problem. I'm on a Mac and have searched everywhere, installed, uninstall, with the Curse client and manually going in and deleting it. No dice.
Sometimes other addons cause it to glitch. Try disabling all of your other addons and see if it appears then.

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