What song are you currently listening to?

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Let's discover some new tracks here shall we?

If you like techno music, Spectrum - Zedd just came on spotify. It's awesome.
Black Me Out by Against Me!

Great punk band, this version is just the lead singer and an acoustic.

Nothing special. Just a fan remix someone did of Game Grumps. It is stuck in my head. Pure and simple.
O+S-Lonely Ghosts
Silent Night, Bodom Night by Children of Bodom
The album "Cobra Juicy," by Black Moth Super Rainbow!


I've been listening to Zedd - Spectrum (Armin van Buuren Remix) like crazy for the past week or so, absolutely love it.

C'est La Vie - Protest the Hero

/sad panda face
Bad Sign by Brad Sucks.

Love this cover. It's my Cloud Serpent Race song.
I'm really starting to like this one:

Dream On- Aerosmith
Are You In - Incubus

I've never really listened to Incubus before but a friend introduced this song to me and I'm starting to like it.
Incubus, not a bad band, myself, bullet for my valentine-all these things i hate. Spotify ftw

Can't help it, it's been stuck in my head for a week now

Edit: typo
Sadly enough, I am listening to:

WoWCrendor -The Luckydo Rap

Yes, it gets in your head!
Mutha!@#$a - Xzibit

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