Basic Affliction Guide 5.0.5

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This is not the correct sequence.

1. Curse of the Elements
2. Potion of the Jade serpent
3. Dark Soul: Misery [If you have a on use trinket then you need to macro Dark Soul+Trinket]
4. [Macro]: /cast Soulburn /cast Soul Swap
5. Haunt
6. Doomguard
7. Malefic Grasp
8. Maintaining DoTs: This is Mists of Pandaria and not Wrath of the Lich King thus we clip our dots as close to the end mark as possible. Make sure all DoTs are kept up as close to 100% you can let haunt fall fully off before reapplying it onto the target.

Stop spreading misinformation, if your going to call him out for giving the "wrong starting sequence" you could at least post the right one ffs.

Among other things you DONT doomguard in the opener, you save it for Sub 20%
Stop spreading misinformation, if your going to call him out for giving the "wrong starting sequence" you could at least post the right one ffs.

Among other things you DONT doomguard in the opener, you save it for Sub 20%

Sparkuggz the core raiding warlock of EU-Method uses his Doomguard in this fashion (the fashion I sugested by poping doomguard at the start after haunt). I do however admit that its situational and depends on the execute and opener of the boss. For example I'll use my doomguard at sub 20% during fights like Heroic:Elegon and Heroic: Feng.

Edit: I updated my corrections on my starting rotation thank you for reminding me to include the situational nature of the doomguard.

Examples of this Strategy:
Windsong is better then Jade Spirit?

And ive been told Mastery > Hit > haste > crit

I follow Int > Hit (15%) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

If you want to roll the dice and not be hit capped that's fine and is working for other locks. But I have a feeling that they are not as consistent with their numbers. They will tell you their highs but not their lows. But play around with it and make the decision for yourself. That's the best advice I can give on the Hit Capped topic. I did both and I prefer being hit capped and not missing on my spells and wasting mana.

We are not robots. We have a very complex rotation that requires split second thinking based on the fact that our casts don't line up nicely from a timing standpoint AND because there are always mechanics in a fight that mess up our rotations...obscurity, diselling, movement, immunity...etc. Because of this, I believe you DO need to be hit capped. If you miss a cast, mentally it can throw you off and screw you up further. Chances are if you miss a cast, you will already be casting your next spell beforfe you realize it missed. As a human, I like to remove as many variables as I can for my rotation.

A useful add-on for tracking when to recast a spell is AffDots. It goes blue and green for each spell with a higher than 100 number when you need to recast and red with a lower than 100 number when you shouldn't recast. Simple way to manage your buffs.
Thank you for the great guide. I usually try to find advanced tips that are not found in every guide. I found the tip about conserving haunts for after high uptime on dots very helpful.

One thing I still cannot find the answer for is the optimal priority for 2 target encounters. Just for consistency, suppose there are 2 bosses with high health. I understand it would be optimal to start out with SB: SS on both targets, but what about maintaining sustained dps? Is it best to manually refresh dots on both targets while using haunt + MG on one? Or is this the time to use the glyphed SS on the 2nd target? I'm positive that we should never let agony drop off either target, but what about corr or UA? If we have haunt + full dots up on current target and corr or UA is about to fall off of 2nd target, what then becomes the priority? Should I spend the time refreshing corr and UA on 2nd target, or should I continue to MG the current target and renew dots on 2nd target after haunt falls off current target?

Sorry if that is confusing. It's a bit hard to explain in words what I am thinking. I'm a bit meticulous because I want to know the exact way to min/max dps.

tl;dr - What is optimal priority for 2 targets? Manual dot refreshing vs SS

I have found that I cast

Curse of Exhaustion
Soul Swap
Exhale on second target
Curse and Haunt on second target
and run one Malefic then go back to first target and reapply dots then go back to 2nd target.

I soul swap when possible but watch your Dark Soul...if it is close, save your soul swap for this then after the exhale on the second target, you can use Drain Soul to replenish soul shards with a haste component.
Yes you need to be hit capped for Affliction. Missing on a Haunt or missing a rebuff on Ag 10 stack, will diminish your DPS. Mastery is the new Secondary Stat you will need for Affliction followed by Haste. Crit is useless to Affliction Warlocks.

It's not adviseable to refresh Agony at the last second. With the Pandemic baseline talent, one may refresh Agony within 11 seconds without the chance of losing dot ticks neither the 10 point stack. Hit is not that important because, aside of Haunt, the most you are going to lose are some GCDs (differently from, for example, missing a Pyroblast or a Chaos Bolt). There goes a lot of stat points to cap Hit. 1000 more mastery easily out-DPSes some 3 or 4 lost GCDs during the fight.
11/02/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Canne
just a question for you guys. what is a good dot timer to use? I need one that isnt too complicated to use/setup. Thanks

I have used Dotimer since burning crusade and it was always regarded as thee dot-timer addon of choice, and it always worked flawlessly even if not updated to current patch. Granted I've not played for a year and recently decided to check out the xpac and the changes. But Dotimer has many customizations and also gave cooldowns as well as dot-timers.
On the subject of hit capping, I'ld be inclined to think it has been graphed out by blizz to have less impact now as it once did. I base that off the dev's statements of thier intentions to possibly remove hit rating from the game completely, stating it isnt a very fun dynamic anymore. Ofcourse there is room to argue a bit one way and a bit to the other still on the subject.
At level 75 is it viable to start Affliction? I am planning being Aff for 90 raiding, but don't want to try and learn it at the same time. I figure the earlier I start the better I will be with knowing the rotation and such by raiding time
I'm a big fan of playing the role early on so I'm familiar with my spells/talents. I feel that I seem to get a slight edge doing so when I reach level cap with a character. I would just continue leveling Affliction, and have your secondary talents for when you run into more challenging quests.
i do find that destro helps with grinding for items and farming, faster damage and easier control of aoe damage. but overall, when i like to show off a little, i use my affliction. but both specs normally put me in top 3 of 10/25M raids
This needs to be updated for 5.2.
Is affliction going to die off in 5.2?
If this isn't going to be updated, it needs to be unstickied. Some of the information in this thread is simply wrong now.
Still hasn't been updated, probably should be unstickied to prevent the spread of misinformation.
Tell me When is a good timer. dots and procs from trinkets
Just some subjective observations I have made.

  • It is better to save your shards for Haunts than SB -> SS
  • Affliction is much more gear dependent than Destruction at low Ilvls

You WILL do much more damage from having Haunt up than casting MG. This is mathematical and not subjective. This will be twice as true in 5.4 with the damage modifications.
Hello fellow warlocks,

I am coming back to the game after about a 8 month break, and I'm set on playing my lock since I have never played this class as anything more than an alt and they look like they're going to be in a decent spot come 5.4. Can someone explain what has changed since the original guide on this sticky was posted? I understand that there are currently differences from the original post and will be even more differences when 5.4 hits.

I'm looking for a good starting point for affliction basics so I can level 85-90 as affliction and be somewhat comfortable by the time I hit 90. I haven't played my lock since MoP was released and understand the original post but knowing what's different now would be a huge help.

I appreciate the responses!
Also, I've read the patch notes and know what changes are coming, my concern really is just the stat and ability priorities, openers, rotations, etc.

Found this decent guide on noxxic with separate tabs for affliction warlock stat priority, reforging, gems & enchants, talent build & glyphs, and dps rotation & cooldowns. Not sure on whether it's 100% accurate but it seems like a good starting point for 5.3. Just wanted to pass it along for anyone looking for the basics like I was.

Hope it might help!

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