Rate the Hunter Mog above you!

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My Tmog isn't updating, so this is my old set. I've changed it since and sas soon as it updates I'll re post to get an opinion.

For now Shamrunt, 6/10 A good deal mismatched. You look like a midget that would come barging out of a jungle in FarCry3 to shoot a poison dart in my neck >.>

I like the very oriental look you went for and the tabard really brings it together. I only wish the set up for all hunter profiles brought attention to the weapon being used as the way your character poses doesnt let us see the weapon.

Very nice though 9/10

Mine is just simple tier 5 with the illidan bow.. i was feeling very BC over the past few weeks. The thing i love the most about it is how the shoulders look when beastial wrath goes off... makes it all worth it
Ozai, i think 9/10. I dig that you matched your bow to your tabard to make it work.

Damn i apparently take too long to type @Artimen kudos for the BC flashback 8/10

not a fan of robe sets on hunters. not bad though
check my swag

Nice, 9/10, those shoulders still creep me out :P
@Ravyne 9/10 Absolutely love your look - makes me wish I could twirl you around. hah
@Lebirram 9/10 Liking the dark mercenary look.
9/10 Looks good on a gobo.
@Vaelarium 9/10 very cool, I like it.
@Subrosian I love your use of the T14 items (even if they're not transmogged, though by now it's a choice in and of itself to not transmog your gear), and your armory pose really shows off that ruffled fur/hair/mane that you picked out! Bow is great, just doesn't match as well as it could. 9.5/10

I think I saw you post in another transmog thread, too, maybe in General? Also, I think the person that skipped over you may have thought you were talking about the guy in the Rift Stalker gear.

I personally hate this set, but your character looks great, excellent mix ....


http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/33/adadst.png/ My trasmog :)

I personally hate this set, but your character looks great, excellent mix ....


You look like a low level with a weird looking gun, lol.


As for me, my mog is derived from the Ghost on StarCraft and StarCraft II. So if you don't know exactly what he looks like, go ahead and look before rating. :D
@Beatrice The colour coordination matches perfectly, including your wep and tabard (not many cross bowers around). Your look makes you come across as some like some bad !@# bandit.


I've posted an image because I feel my profile does not do my xmog justice =P

Rate me
(My face is supposed to be blacked out, dont know why it isn't on my profile lol)
@gunzerker That is probably one of the more original ones I've seen. A lot of people hate those shoulders, but myself? Love em. If I changed anything it would be the gun, but that's because I hate the loud things.

9.5/10, only because there is no perfect. Colors are great/ match perfect. It "feels" hunter-ish.

Edit- If anyone rates mine, my bow is the Malevolent Gladiator one, not the one that may still be showing as the Drakurri Hunting bow.
i shall toss my hat...err eye patch into the ring!
12/11/2012 11:07 PMPosted by Pwnykég
i shall toss my hat...err eye patch into the ring!

Nice look 8.75/10

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