A - The Raid Group is Recruiting

I am thrilled to announce The Raid Group will be raiding 25 man content in the Mists of Pandaria on Lightbringer. TRG began with the release of The Burning Crusade. We have achieved great success defeating the content and heroic modes, most of it before any nerfs.
The TRG concept began to fill the need of players wanting to raid high level content; but they could not raid with their guild. Your guild choice is up to you. We are conscientious and upbeat. We like doing instances, quests, and achievements together.
Our recruitment is open. We are looking for mature, committed and experienced people for our raids. Our first raid will be November 6, 2012. The times are Tuesdays and Saturdays 10 pm to 1 am Server time.
Please visit our website at www.theraidgroup.com
watcha need?
im leveling up toons until i find a guild that raids late night

Spriest just hit 90,can gear grind whenever i need to
Resto druid and prot paladin arent there yet
At this point, I am looking for an Off-tank, a hunter, a rogue, a mage and heal or tank monk.
We are looking for a few more great players to complete our raid. Feel free to contact me game.

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