Eightadin: Paladin since Vanilla?

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In the spirit of the upcoming 8th Anniversary for warcraft, I thought I'd poll the Paladin community. How long have you been playing a paladin?

<- Personally this guy was raiding Molten Core, ZG, BWL, the AQ's, and Naxx. He's also been transferred from Gurubashi, to Andorhal, and now a resident of Proudmoore. I've had several breaks from wow, but I always come back for more.

I'm afraid these days to check my /played. I've kept my name the same throughout it all.
Since 3.2.
Ima cata baby who started with ftp :<
Started in BC and quit at 43; didn't cap until I came back in Wrath, just after Ulduar came released.
since the beginning
Since BC used to be a BE but made the change in wotlk to human.
18 years of Warcraft, 8 years of WoW.

Gods, has it been that long?
A dwarf paladin during vanilla wow, I never got to end game, though I played a lot during vanilla. (I kept leveling alts to 40 and then starting over). Didn't touch them during BC, started leveling this paladin during the end of Wrath. Tanked raids a few months into cata and quit until now. Now I'm prepping to tank MoP raids.
I've had this pally since about 1am, launch day of BC. I had a human pally before that, but had to shelf him before he even hit level 30. Playing alliance made my eyes bleed stupid.
Been playing since vanilla, this was my first character (originally human). Played him alot during BC, not as much in wotlk, deleted him in cata lol now hes back again as my main.
I was a warrior for the first half of classic and a paladin for the other half, and then made a new Blood Elf paladin when TBC hit who later faction transferred and became this human; do I count? :>
used to play on the European servers as a Warlock, but switched to paladin at 1.9 since they made some mild improvements to the class. Then I moved to Australia and got on the Aussie servers around TBC. Rolled a human paladin. Never looked back
I started playing in Cata a couple of months before patch 4.1 came out.

I've gone through a cycle of mains. My NE priest was my main because I was new to the game (I only started playing because I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas and being a curious gal, I decided to try WoW out sometime during Noblegarden 2011) and had her as my main for a while. I got bored of my priest and made a death knight not too long after I bought the WotLK expansion and loved my death knight until MoP hit. My death knight did make its way to level 90 first because I thought I would love my death knight still but I don't really love it that much anymore. I'm now working on leveling my paladin and I'm in love with the paladin class.
Since Vanilla
5 years. back before dual speccing i was running 3 different paladins at the same time. after dual speccing I transfered 2 to different servers. Now I wish I could "fuse" them all into 1 paladin because 1 has Thunderfury and another has some nice old gear you can't get anymore, but this 1 has become my main because of the server she is on.
Since December 2004.

I've done the honor grind, I've fought massive battles in Blackrock mountain and Silithus against the Horde, I've spent countless hours in Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Keeping them off the flag, and off the flag carrier, back capping towers and sniping graveyards and weakly guarded farms. I've seen it all.

I've raided from the depths of Molten Core, to the clouds of the Throne of the Four Winds. From the Barren Wastes of Silithus to the misty peaks of Northrend and across time and space; against elemental lords, demons, dragons and even fought against death itself.

I've healed, I've tanked and I've DPS'd. I was told my class was never good enough to do any of these roles at one time or another, and yet I did them anyway.

Through the good times and the bad, from Foror and Tigole to Ghostcrawler. From Eyonix and Caydiem to Bashiok and Zaryhm.

I've always been a Paladin at heart, and I'll always be a Paladin in game.
This paladin is a marshal and healed naxx40. been around since the start of everything.
little before patch 1.9

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