Eightadin: Paladin since Vanilla?

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I started playing Ret Paladin in 1.7 I don't know it was sometime in 2004/2005. My other Paladin "Iziren" has Lieutenant Commander Vanilla rank.
My paladin was an alt from vanilla-TK content, started build him up during Sunwell days.

Been tanking/healing all through Wrath-Cata. 2k as RBG FC for s9.

Only have been Ret for MoP.
399 days /played. Started day one of WoW, took a break after clearing ICC heroic. That was my only real break. Got up to Marshal rank but Blizz gyped me and gave me the Commander rank instead in Feats of Str -_- /cry Cleared every single instance ever made in current tier besides Naxx40 and HoF.
<- Day 1. First character created on my live account.
Since open beta. Then I rolled this guy on my current server on day 1 of vanilla and never looked back.

Raided MC, ZG, AQ20, did the old PvP system to Knight-Captain (so nothing amazing), went into BC and did the first tier of raiding, did PvP through the end of Season 2. Quit after that and didn't play for most of Wrath, came back a year into Cata and here I am.

I have never faction transferred, never server swapped, never race changed, never recustomized, never gotten a haircut.
I started playing towards the end of season 2. I started out as Holy (I even leveled as holy, not through instances, but actually questing), but as soon as season 3 ended I got tired of being a heal bot so I went Retribution and never looked back. I've had like 3 breaks from WoW and I am now just coming back from another. Missed the end of Cataclysm and the very beginning of MoP. I plan on being casual (was hardcore from the beginning), but I don't truly intend to quit.
Since November 2004. It's been a while. Only breaks were the deployments. I miss the ole days. It's washed down no challenge these days.
Feb. 05 for me (which should peg somewhere around Patch 1.5/1.6), back when I still played Human (and I still have the character in storage), raided up to Broodlord Lashlayer, never got the oppertunity to touch AQ 40 or Naxx 40 (sadly).

When Burning Crusade rolled out, I rolled this character immediately, and haven't looked back since.
Since day one (well a couple weeks of beta too)
Jan. 05 By the gods, has it been that long?

Originally on Spinebreaker (PVP server)
Dat necro.
Seriously they need to start permabanning the mouthbreathers who do this
Since January 2005. Wasn't my first character but was my first character to 60 and been playing my pally since.

I've always loved my pally and always will.
Seriously they need to start permabanning the mouthbreathers who do this

What does having a deviated septum have to do with anything in this thread?
Been on since 1.7 or 1.8. Can't remember. This was my first charcter. Just coming back from a year long break and liking MOP so far
My first toon was a pally...not this one though. It was 2 weeks after release....quick question...who remembers the 1st nerf to pally...maybe 2nd cause i wasnt on for the 1st 2 weeks.
I've been playing this pally since December 2004. The first paladin nerf I remember being a big deal was to seal of the crusader. Of course, lots of people talked about the removal of crusader strike and holy strike right before launch.
Yup after launch seal of the crusader was supposed to make your attack speed faster but lower the damage done...it wasn't lowing the damage done and was making attacks faster so pally was rocking it : ) the "nerf" was to make it what it was supposed to be and it sucked : (
August of 05'. I wanted a raid spot and nobody seemed to have room for a rogue.

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