Eightadin: Paladin since Vanilla?

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He left out Fangtooth. I think it was Fangtooth.

How could anyone forget fangtooth...our "CM"! And the honor contest...

I wasn't even playing a paladin at the time and I remember the furor that caused.
I rolled a Paladin in patch 1.3, The Reck Bombing days, they were the underdogs, everyone called them the joke class, but I saw the potential it had. I think it took me 42 days /played to get to 60.. But I had a blast. I was Holy spec with str gear and not very many people could kill me. I had a big two hander and I would be up the front in Instances doing what little damage I could do and being the healer and keeping everyone topped up.

But PvP is where they really shined, an unstoppable force that would just slowly grind you down. It was great. I really miss those days.

The specs now are a lot more linear :<
Rolled a human Pally back in BC on Crushridge named Michaelin, played thru Wrath, quit right after I dinged 80.

Skipped Cata, rolled this guy shortly after pandaland launched.

Paladins are the only class I have ever level capped.
Rolled this char shortly after midnight after coming home with my copy of BC and installing.

Took a break through WotLK, Came back as prot for Cata along with a race change, enjoying ret atm.
I wasn't even playing a paladin at the time and I remember the furor that caused.

They gave out real prizes for that contest. Graphics cards or something if I remember correctly.

Globally, ONE Paladin won when every single realm had a winner.

They gave us Hammer of Wrath after that, it was the single event that caused us to get a ranged execute.
Off and on since Vanilla. Used to level to about 30 and quit. Working this one and 2 or 3 low level alts now.
This paladin was made after my last acc was banned (gold sellers hack my acc then gets banned...ikr?)

Originally my first serious paladin was made couple weeks after bc release. Since then I've just had this toon. Not an original but sure is old.
Since 'nilla baby! This was my alt back in the day. I pvp'd on my paladin only and raided on my horde warrior. Mained my paladin in BC, went back to warrior in LK, then paladin again in Cata.. now I play both! :D
This paladin was created in Vanilla, never seriously played until the ICC days. He became my full blown main in the beginning of Cata.
What I remember most fondly about gearing my paladin in classic was the fact that I would go after any gear with strength, intellect, or stamina on it as a holy paladin (healed many dungeons on my way to 60). In Burning Crusade, I switched to protection after healing Karazhan for a few months (against my guild's objections) back when protection paladins stacked spell damage, intellect, and stamina. It made the switch painless, and I loved co-tanking with a warrior. I wish I had saved some of my gear from BC days (for transmog), but I enjoyed my paladin the most in Wrath of the Lich King when we finally received hammer of the righteous and avenger's shield as actual attack moves that weren't just judging seals.
This character has been my main since January of 05, over 400 days /played. Still my favorite!
Started playing six months (give or take) before BC launch. This was my first toon, started him on Maelstrom, got to 60 then xfered to AD to play with a friend. Did a few ZG runs as dps (lol) before BC dropped. I healed all through that expansion and got a few Kara runs in.

Got a little tired of the pally afterwards and he's kinda an off and on toon of mine now and no longer a main. Just started him up as holy again and the change since BC has been uh..interesting lol.
I started this guy in Jan. 2005 on Windrunner, transfered to Rexxar when we got free transfers sometime before TBC
I was in azgalor since Vainilla then I move to drakkari, I reach grand Marshall title in vainilla!! GG WOW
May '05 here :)

Pally was 60 in vanilla but not my main. Went mainline in BC (when we got the actual ability to tank :P).

Kinda have him on a back burner these days but i fire him up again every now and then... To many alts vying for my attention right now lol.

That said, pretty much my entire guild just rolled horde characters for funzies (we've never played horde before in all this time) and i just made a belf pally myself. Time to re-experience the class i suppose :)
Technically I guess. But I just came back to WoW last month.
This paladin I have been playing since 1.10. I had another paladin I started in 1.09 but it was deleted by a hacker. I didn't raid with this paladin until wolk.

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