Eightadin: Paladin since Vanilla?

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This is my first toon. Started playing at the end of 5.1.
Oh the stories I hear of the good old days.
Been playing my paladin since Vanilla, tanking when it was not fashionable for paladins to tank, you have no idea how many mana potions I went through each raid.
Started as a retribution in vannila. Managed to squeeze in raiding and a decent guild thanks to friends older brother connection and became the OOC resser (better than nothing). Switched to Shockadin after they removed OOC ressing and ret were trash. Switched back to ret around BC. Been ret ever since!
since the starting days of vanilla, I must say I actually really miss those days...when pallys were the "survival" experts...PVP was not about bursting the crap out of someone in 2 secs but actual game play/strategy....we were actually a support class, not just a blessing of freedom !@#$%.
Had this pally since july or aug of 2005, I've always been on this server & just faction changed(MoP). Raided MC, BWL, ZG, Ony, and AQ 20 then I focused on pvping but only got as far as Knight-Lieutenant.

With TBC, I made a new pally as horde and played that guy through until this expansion then faction and account change this guy to main him once more because of the pvp transmog.
I've been playing since BC. My paladin was the very first! In wrath though I had kinda moved away from wow and didn't play. Once I came back in cata I discovered my account had been hacked and was like well !@#$. I just kept on trucking and made a new account and had this guy ever since. I tanked with him in cata a lot got pretty good then I started a dk and played him. This toon is honestly a part of me now haha ill always love the paladin class. Makes me feel awesome and proud to play as one
This is my first toon. Started playing at the end of 5.1.
Oh the stories I hear of the good old days.
you missed out man, but there is still is a lot more to come :) more good memories to be made!
Same here brother. I sure do miss WC2 B.net lol
Started in BC as a draenei (please don't hurt me) and lvl capped in Wrath, then I decided to race changed to human. After Cata I decided to transfer to Horde. Been here ever since.
Started several months into Vanilla. I was such a nubcake back then that I leveled (ie. questing) as Holy - because I heard that Holy damage had no resistances so it was the obvious choice to me :D

Needless to say it took months to get to 60.

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