Dear journal...

I got started playing World of Warcraft about 3-4months prior to Wotlk courtesy of my roomate, i started a Draeni Alliance Hunter cause he told me hunters are easy to level, at about level35 (The same time i learned about Specs) i started to play the auction house and make gold. I was told the expansion would be coming & i should hurry to level55 so i can level a Deathknight so i did the night of release i hit 55 was also the very 1st time i saw PvP <Random Acts of Violence> storm the Alliance keep to kill the king, sure they failed cause the npcs had been buffed but wow that looked cool.

The next morning after installing Wotlk i started a NightElf Deathknight named Jaktheripper & so the quest was on to hit level80 after about 2weeks (i was a very slow leveler) i hit level80 after being dragged & carried through instance after instance by my roomate & his friends i was fully PvE geared, i tried my hand at Tanking but no dice just wasnt into it did some of Naxx but i couldnt understand why people thought this PvE was so fun.

I moved on to PvP doing battlegrounds with the few friends i had made while playing without my roomate, i loved it everything about it even dying wasnt so bad cause you rez & go back at it, AV 40v40 how is this possible 40 people vs 40people!!

Quickly following that i started to participate in the Defense raids against the For The Horde raids which were being led by Coeptis for the most part oh the PvP in a city just out of nowhere this game is awesome!

Wintergrasp oh how i loved you i played a few games noticed how the Horde would win what Strategy worked for them, why the Alliance lost & how uncoordinated they were so i would sit & wait for Wintergrasp 15min timer & announce in trade chat start of Wintergrasp in X amount of time making the raid groups. I became sort of a constant RL that people would pst me before id do my announcement and get invited to my group cause they knew i wanted to win & would make call outs after awhile of coordinating Wintergrasp & many wins later.
I wanted to know what it was like being on Horde even though they lost in Wintergrasp which was due to the number advantage we had and a little coordination they seemed to be more active in pvp with them always being the attackers in other World PvP.

I Started Reker on the very same night Horde trade chat was all broken up over the disbanding or fall out of <Random Acts of Violence> i knew RAoV only from them crashing SW every now & again. Seemed like a fun group to try & get to know but they were no more, i didnt know who was who and made a comment in defense of Rev that turned into a guild invite. After awhile of being in there and getting to know most of them i decided to ask them if it was ok i bring my main over, Who is your main? An alliance dk jaktheripper. the responses varied but Rev was very outspoken about the idea, he thought it was great that the guy that was making WG raids & Counter FTH raids was me he was all for me bringing my deathknight.

After a few months Rev and most of the guild moved servers. I decided it was time to shelf the Dk & play Reker cause it seemed like more fun after awhile of Ret and showing up at Crossroads numerous times to fight the Alliance i noticed Eetthangs and Roguethangs were always there to, after a bit i was invited to join the guild they were in. Seeing as they were all about PvP to i figured why not go Holy so we can keep the fun going.

I bought some healing gear off the Auction House and hit a bg as a 1st time healer, i ran into Emmadnav in an Eots and i noobed it rather well like any 1st timer, we hit DR i remember he went on a 5-0 run with me healing, we died as we rezzed he pstd me ty for the juggernaught run, from then on i realized how much a healer can make a difference in a battleground.

Later on i became alot better & learned alot more about PvP hanging out with Eetthangs,Killadelphia & Cochina(Loveless) after we departed there guild we formed We PvP IRL and were known for attacking & camping the Stormwind Auction House. During our runs we noticed a Gnome with Green hair that would sit on bear mount naked & just watch us never attacking us when were dying like some would, his name was Sza. Many an attack later we invited Sza to vent and would talk with him as we would be attacking SW, The very same day we read a wall of QQ from someone about our attacks on the Auction House Griefing was born.

One day in a Strand of the Ancients all alone i open the boards to see who is on my team & see a lock named Untrax from Garona, meh i was feeling cocky so i pst him Your from my server you get heals, going bout my usual routine i dispel a Strangulate off him bg ends we talk about doing arena & i never hear from him again til way down the road. I ended up grinding 2s with Rametep to 1800 i got weps a month before Cata & i had to take some time off.

The Semi Story of my character & WoW meetings of other people.
I left out quite a bit had to cut, cause i exceeded the 5000 character limit. Anyway forums are dead figured id give some really bored person a decent read like me have to be to work in 4hours and the only other thing to do at 2am is watch infomercials or youtube. Sadly i only covered Wotlk cause that was most of what i remember, Cata was meh

Give it a go & write out your story.
for the benefit of others

tl;dr - reker reminisces on tear-jerking wow moments
definitely occupied my time for a bit reading this while at work , thankssss
Reker, I want to be just like you one day, because awesome. I'm also now reminded that I need to start pvping again..
This story needed more Trax and less of everyone else in the story.

I remember that Strand well. I get a healer from a Horde Garona saying he'll follow me and heal.... "great so I'll be in the graveyard a lot", is what i though. Not only did he keep me up through a few enemy offensive CDs, but i remember being blown away that a random horde garona healer was dispelling my strangulate and counterspells. Yes, that is not overly impressive... but again.... horde-garona-pvp-healer.... obviously i expected the worst.

This was when lock/hpaly was a rank one 2s comp, and i thought 'i want to get this guy his 1800 wep, it would be pretty easy'.... but i left the game for months shortly after that.

I still remember Rame's gear that season. He didn't have Shadowmourne but he had the heroic 25 ICC ridiculous mace, and with a trink and certain gemming he had 100% armor pen. Was wicked.
Why am I no where in this story? How could you forget Maeax?
Yea i left out quite a bit.

Hanging out with Coeptis & talking bout the good ol days of him attacking SW & crap im like man it was awesome when youd do that, he's like hmm didnt know you were in my groups. In them ahahah! i was the alliance dk jaktheripper. Was really cool reminscing over the same moments but we were on different sides of the battle.

Oh yea he had that priest that always followed him, Paintrain. Jerk your a healer! HEAL NOT SMITE! Paintrain smitesmitesmitesmitesmitesmite lolkilledone smitesmitesmite.

The great wsg me & totemtrax had 2v10ing winning that, running around oom as he sat 10yards from me getting his mana back for round 2.

Knowing Justfail before he was Mr.Onslaught.

Being invited to Kalye's premade bg groups and healing more for the group in the future man AB was a blast.

Cradlemebro being born after witnessing Hotdogcart in Iron Forge kill alliance for what seemed like forever in 1 life near the training dummies.

The always hilarious times Wazuka would come out of SW in Wotlk & rally the alliance by just popping all his CDs while wielding ShadowMourne.

Cochina myself & bendthelights dk in Iron Forge for a few hours luring alliance in the back buildings for HKs.

When we disbanded We PvP IRL & reformed under Random Acts of Violence, was about the same time i had to leave the game for awhile, cameback didnt who was who & most of everyone i did know was on Alliance or quit the game.
Captain's Log: Stardate 90461.28
The day started like any other, the faint sound of Hellsent's muffled crying and the stench of failure lingering from the night full of wipes before it. I approached a blacksmith to have him service my gear and it was in tatters from the brutal beating I took the night before. As I watched a muscular blacksmith work his needle and thread to repair my equipment I began to think about why we failed. The thought of Wind Lord Mel'jarak and his minions before me, my wand in hand prepared to once again give my life to try and defeat him, made me shudder. Knowing that tonight I would return to attempt his defeat again made me queasy. As the sound of thread passing through cloth continued it made me think of the faint steady breathing of the bug adds that haunted my thoughts. As the blacksmith finished his threadwork I mounted my kite and flew to Valley of the Four Winds to harvest my daily crop. These Pandas sure have mastered food, back in Westfall it took all season to grow what these guys can do in a day. After harvesting todays crop and planting tomorrows I moved on and lent my services to my brethren of the Shado-Pan, the August-Celestials, and the Golden Lotus. I do not particularly enjoy completing the tasks they have for me but when you are as desired as me you need to appease those in need. With my daily tasks finished I awaited the raid, preparing myself for a bug to enter my !@#$ for another night of pain. Will report results later.
- Debriatus the Beloved, Champion of Garona.

Captain's Log: Stardate 90461.62
The dreaded raid that I have been fearing is over, and we emerged victorious. As we plunged back into the Heart of Fear to test our medal against Wind Lord Mel'jarak once again, we steadied our nerves and fought with valor to defeat him. Many men were lost this night, some several times over, however their sacrifice was necessary to purge this villain from Azeroth until next week. The fight was epic, the victory glorious. His vile minions each fell, his wind bombs were no match for our strafing abilities. Many heals were interrupted, many traps broken, many unhealable moments healed. Tonight we are champions of all that is good in this world. Tonight we feast on bug flesh as we drink our Dwarven Mead. Let everyone know that on this night many stood in the face of pure villainy and held fast, unwavering. Soon Amber-Shaper Un'sok will fall, he is already feeling the fear that his brood has inflicted on so many. When we approach him and stare him down with earnest, waiting to cut him down, he will know fear.
- Debriatus the Beloved, Champion of Garona
When we approach him and stare him down with earnest, waiting to cut him down, he will know fear.

<The Empire> - not even the Sha of Fear could be as effective as them.

So beautiful...
Dear diary,

I had Greek food for dinner, it was good.
WTF reker. You left out Delinquent/whoflungpooh out of your story, I'm going to cry now and /wrists
Hey you, ya YOU. Paladin above me. This thread has been claimed by Debriatus the Beloved, Champion of Garona.


We're here to read about Deb.
PS - This is almost inspiring Deb....
Dear Diary,

Today was a great day, I bought myself a brand new horse. She's strong and fast, and so very beautiful.... and just a little wild of course. I know tomorrow that I can tame her.... if I only belieeeeve.

Wish me luck diary,
Christopher Reeve
The elusive wild Untrax appears...
Dear Diary,

Today was amazing, i dyed my hair a redish orange & that gun i ordered off the internet arrived today! Before i hit the theatre to see the new Batman flick im going to stop by Saigon Sam's and buy the Kelvar vest ive had my eye on for some time.

Guess who.
Champion of Garona, Debriatus,

Last night was a thrill for me. Watching you and your inept crew of pathetic embarrassments run around my chamber as I peed all over the place and covered you and your cohorts in honey, was like a dream come true. I can’t wait for Sunday!


Amber-Shaper Un’sok

P.S. My large red friend will be able to attend as well!! See you there!

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