471 rogue looking for early raid

Grown married man former us marine with an ilvl 471 rogue looking for early evening raid group. Also have a 451 monk healer upcoming. Have to get up at 4am every weekday for work so I can't be up late at night. Would like to find a 7pm-930pm kind of thing a few nights a week.

I know the fights in vaults and have completed them all. Achievement in profile. Played since vanilla, seen all raids and most hard modes and beaten the ones I've attempted. Took a break in cata when the tornados ripped my house apart, so i missed firelands. All togc hard mode with dedicated insanity achieve 12/12 icc hm with bane, 5/13 teir 11 hard mode and only 2/8 ds hard modes. Guild left garona when I couldn't play anymore. Been pretty casual since.

Im a good player but ive settled down a lot. Real life demands more of me now. I am Not looking for leet hard mode must clear everything guild or people only interested in how high I parse. I've been in top guilds and done top parses. Those numbers are very relative to the raid group and tactics an it doesn't make you a better player to sacrifice team progression for personal dps records.

Send message in game or mail box me. I'm online most days by 430 pm

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