Who's Your Favorite Doctor?

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Who is your favorite Doctor? I myself loved 10.

always and forever gonna be the 4th
The 12th Doctor played by James May. Oh wait, they quickly removed that story from the official Doctor Who site.

Never mind.

10th.I will never forget that scene in"The Last of The Time Lords".
10th forever. But 11th is a VERY close second.
4th Doctor with the 10th coming a close second.
I like Dr. Pepper.
11/09/2012 04:13 AMPosted by Cowbacca
I like Dr. Pepper.

That's not a valid answer for this discussion.
The Master is my favourite DW character but as far as Doctors go, 10 is my favourite.
Victor Von Doom.
The 10th will always be my favourite, but I've enjoyed several of the others.

11 is growing on me.
4th Scarf > the leek, 3d glasses, umbrella, Betsy, and yes... even the fez.

Now who's your favourite companion? Before Oswin I'd have always immediately said K9 (or Ace and her love of nitro), but that red dress... mmmph.
doc brown


always and forever gonna be the 4th

Sweet! O.k., I want to say Tom Baker...I really do! He was the 1 that got me addictively hooked on the show. I still have story of his on vinyl "The Pescatons". I also have some old books as well.
BUT, then there came David Tennant ♥ ♥ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He reminded me sooo much of Tom, but just a bit more quirkier and extra cuteness to boot...well, in no time HE became my favorite!!!!!

I love them all, Tom was my 1st, but Tennant is (always will be) my favorite!!!
It's a tie between David Tennant and Matt Smith.
doc brown

Patrick Troughton all the way.
11/14/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Shimmerglade
Now who's your favourite companion?

I think it'd have to be Donna. Partners in Crime was the funniest episode ever.

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